Rock 'N' Load

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A Nice Ten Thousand Points 5 Points

Gain 10000 points in any stage.

Ka-Boom 5 Points

Destroy a bomb in Stage 1-2

Need Help? 5 Points

Read the in-game help text.

Off To A Good Start 5 Points

Complete stage 1-1

Play Us A Choon! 5 Points

Play any song in the soundtest menu

Shooting Laser Beams Out Of My Eyes 5 Points

Collect the laser power-up in stage 1-4

Bye Bye Baddies 10 Points

Destroy all the bad-dudes in stage 1-3

Getting There 10 Points

Complete the first stage.

Lovely, Twenty Five Thousand Points 10 Points

Gain 25000 points in any stage.

Missed Me! 10 Points

Don't get hit by a single bullet in stage 1-7.

Using Their Own Explosives 10 Points

Destroy a Smiling Bomber using one of their own bombs in the second stage.

Awesome! Fifty Thousand Points 25 Points

Gain 50000 points in any stage.

Balloon Protector 25 Points

Protect all the balloons in the first stage.

Getting Rid Of The Rubbish 25 Points

Complete the second stage.

Balloon Guardian 50 Points

Protect all the balloons in the second stage.

Hundred Thousand Big Ones 50 Points

Gain 100,000 points in any stage.

Oops 50 Points

Complete the final stage.

Balloon Hero! 100 Points

Protect all the balloons in the final stage

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

(Fixed the medal issue in 1-1)
Like I said, it might erase game data because it uses internal saving and everytime I upload a new flash the savefiles get replaced. Also with people asking for a pause button, and edits to the game... I'm currently working on my second flash game and don't have time to return and iron out the bugs/improvements. I will go back to it, once I've finished my other flash game. Cheers.

Seriously thanks for the Daily 3rd and front page!

Secondly, I know about the weapon issue about being overpowered/underpowered. This being my first dabble in flash games I was experimenting and trying out things that sometimes may not end up actually working.
Originally it was just the rapid gun and you change the way/direction you fired it, however speaking to some people in the indie community, they said I should make more different weapons for extra diversity. Next time I'll use my gut instincts :P
Taking onboard people's criticisms and reviews I can next time develop a game with that in mind and improve. I didn't know it'd do this well as I'm still myself learning. Thank you for your reviews, it will help me in the future =).

Hey theres,
I be presenting you with me first ever flash game :3
I've been designing this game for a while now, and finally it's finished! I know it's not completely perfect but I have poured a lot of heart and soul into it. You play as a rock that wants to journey into space...and he can also shoot lasers out of his eyes. (And missiles.) You need to protect your little space island's only source of flight, four balloons that will guide Mr.Rock into space.

Anyway it's got three stages, each with nine parts and a boss at the end. Five weapons, each with three levels of power and lots of different types of rocks/baddies. There is a help section in the flash game with extra information about the game.

I'll just say the controls 'ere just case.

Anyway I hope you like the game and enjoy the arcade like action!

EDIT:(It does have medals but I guess it needs to pass "under judgement" stage.)
EDIT2:(I guess it doesn't cause I can see them)
EDIT3: With people bringing up the issue of weapons, I've changed it so when you collect a different power up, you don't lose your charge. However I do believe it this wipe out previous saves people have made, so I'm sorry about that. (It might not though).
Also thank you for your kind words and reviews! ^^



Where can i get song number 3 ?!

Debug commands

I cannot play this sice i do not have a keyboard pluged into my phone but when i go fullscreen i see some debug commands hidden just of th normal veiwing are :-P . Ill just give you the same rating as everyone else just cause i wanted to point this out.


Great storyline, ending was awesome! I found if you just take the spread gun and keep it up to level 3 you can just sit there and do all the stages, even the bosses, without even moving. Makes it a bit easy, but I don't mind.

No saving...

I'm pretty sure that this game don't have autosave progress or any tipe of saving.
I usually play many games on Newgrounds and I've never had any problems if progress saving until today, that's why seven.

SinclairStrange responds:

It should save just fine? I'm guessing it's either,
a) Didn't get enough points to unlock the levels, or
b) you need to change the local limit of saving on your computer to unlimited.
-Hope this helps.


I'm normally Ok with shooters, but I can't play this anymore.

Apart from being frustrating with the number of points lost if you lose a balloon (not to mention the ones you miss gaining at the end of the level),
I am sure that if I don't get an epileptic fit from the tier 3 spread gun, I'll get one from the whizzing scenery/falling bodies of Stage 2.

Graphic look good, and it's a decent game, but sorry, this shooter ain't for me.

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Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2012
7:46 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight