Power Star 4 in M&L SS

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Edit: 1/4/12: Thank you guys for over 1000 views

Sorry my flashes took so long but it's finally done this special flash.

Daniel Sun, you are so famous for your Power Star series & I also want to share to you & all Power Star fans that this conversion of Super Mario World sprites are been converted to Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.

While I'm still working on NSMBZX. I decided to share this flash with all Power Star fans, old & new. Krazzy Studios has shared this just for sharing. I hope you like it.

Manager of Krazzy Studios.

PS: I'm giving credit to Daniel Sun & D-Mac for the originality of the Power Star series

PPS: Please go to my profile for the votes I put (WARNING: Over within 5 days.)

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it so sad.... *sniff* at the end {:(

Nice, man! I can see you tried with this.
But you should get special efx off of the internet next time, cause the aura that Mario had around him looked kinda cheesy. So did his eyes. Loved it tho.

I thought this was a decent tribute. It helps that he favorited it. I thought it would be goofier. It was actually still pretty serious. I haven't played the full game, I don't know if that's how it ends. You know, with Mario dying, but I doubt it.

There were cartoonish eyes he had. I really do love that scene in question. It's the best in the entire series. It's what makes Daniel Sun a brilliant animator. Weird how you credited the voice actors in the original.

Well,everything's good but the shakings of castle in the credits looks like as it will fall any moment.But anyway,5 stars and good luck on SMBZ KAI EPISODE 2.

Not that much good, I know there's many things missing, as soon as I saw this movie in the list, I could see some action but, expectation was failed anyways..
Good to see you've taken effort to do your version of Power Star 4 (Which is M&L SS lulz)
Even if its not perfect, it had a lot of flaws.
Good things -
Exact happening in the original story
Great timing on the sounds
Good sprites to use
Bad things -
Mario's eyes shouldnt be like that, editing his eyes as red in paint would be good.
Sword was too quick and choppy.
Effects aren't that good.
Castle is not properly animated, but you did good.
Castle BG should be bigger since the sides are . You know what I mean.. xD
Choppy animation..
Sprite size isnt that much..

Anyways, hope I wasnt that mean...
Sorry though, I havent seen your future movies yet if they're better than this..
But you did great though!

Krazzygamer3y2 responds:

This is a masked sprite sheet so it was a bitmap and this was the last time I was going to do so that's how it was one, I won't remake it, maybe I will in the future but thank you for watching!