Team Rocket visits IG

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Irate Gamer had a visit from Team Rocket and told them to get the fuck out of his property

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it was so funny


Well uh yeah this wasn't really an animation. All I saw from this was an overdose of skewed symbols to vaguely pass of as movement. I'd recommend you sit down and actually try to practice actually movement and lip syncing.
Also the overall line work and shading was pretty primitive. And the overall joke I do not get. I'll give this a 2,because I see you put in some effort of the span of 3 hrs you spent on this.


i think if u shortend it like he cut them off would be funnyer and better. also have the person be black (no rasism intended itd just be funnyer) also the dude at the end that pops out of nowhere could be a gay person saying. a twist. in a gay acsent

BoomBuster responds:

the dude at the end was The Angry Video Game Nerd (if you know him). Have the person...be black?

irate gamer sucks dick

There was alll in all a greatly produce flash animation. The major and debilitating flaw was having the irate gamer in your motion image show. A talentless, unoriginal and humorless boob.