Two-Man Pokemon Collab

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Hey everyone!
This is a Robot Chicken styled Flash Collab about Pokemon.
It was animated over the course of a few months by me (kawaiipiranha), and SandwichandCereal.
It's something I wanted to put together for a long time, and I'm glad we finally did it.

You can see more of our stuff on our Youtube Pages (linked on the loading screen... you gotta right click and open in new window for some reason x_x)

I saw Sandwich's Pokemon shorts which inspired me to make my own, and I always thought it'd be awesome to work with him.

Putting this collab together was a wreck because our dimensions and framerates were slightly different, but I got it done, even though I have zero actionscript skill....

ANYWAY, Enjoy :)


**PS, there's a secret on the credits screen if you click the right spot ;)**



The animation was okay, at best. No humor. Not my thing.


Interesting at first. You can definitely see who can draw better. After the first few scenes, it all goes down the tubes.

Bored by how uncreative this was

Don't get me wrong, I can see the amount of effort you put into these, and you have potential to make movies that are both fresh and charming. However, it's kinda sad that instead it was used to create something unoriginal like "Remember this funny clip you watched a dozen times already? Well let me ruin for you by adding Pokemon." And that's also what I mean when I said how boring this was to me: i'm watching the exact same clips but sometimes with a decline in animation and the direction ruining the punch lines that made them funny in the first place. Maybe if you came up with dialogue and jokes that weren't copied from Youtube videos with tens of thousands of views, this would have kept my interest. Sorry, but I didn't like this at all.

Poor animation, unoriginal sound clips

Summed it up in one sentence. The animation was nothing spectacular and few if any of the sound clips were original. I think the only reason this made the front page was due to peoples nostalgia over Pokemon.

Very uncreative

Most of the thing is stolen joke with Pokemon. You can't intreprate it in your own way and just make the same scene but with Pokémon and minimal animation instead. You haven't intended to create something else with the lines, and the whole thing was just static and boring. It's remind me Phoenix Wrong, verry unispired joke with popular character, and it's a really bad thing.

Even if you have made this just for fun, it's just sound like someone who's making his fame on another one work you know.

KawaiiPiranha responds:

That made little grammatical sense.
even if you thought it wasn't creative, I doubt it deserved a 1.

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4.09 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2012
2:47 AM EST
Comedy - Parody

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