Two-Man Pokemon Collab

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Hey everyone!
This is a Robot Chicken styled Flash Collab about Pokemon.
It was animated over the course of a few months by me (kawaiipiranha), and SandwichandCereal.
It's something I wanted to put together for a long time, and I'm glad we finally did it.

You can see more of our stuff on our Youtube Pages (linked on the loading screen... you gotta right click and open in new window for some reason x_x)

I saw Sandwich's Pokemon shorts which inspired me to make my own, and I always thought it'd be awesome to work with him.

Putting this collab together was a wreck because our dimensions and framerates were slightly different, but I got it done, even though I have zero actionscript skill....

ANYWAY, Enjoy :)


**PS, there's a secret on the credits screen if you click the right spot ;)**



But something's been bugging me.
During the Xatu scene, what is that tuba part from?
I've heard it somewhere but I can't remember what it's from.

Okay, okay...

Parts of this were absolutely HILARIOUS while others felt like it was unnecessary to have pokemon preforming it and didn't add to the joke whatsoever... but you have really great art/animation skills, so I certainly applaud this!

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Oh my god

Freaking hilarious, especially toward the end. I do wish you had put in a scene selection though, I would have liked to watch a few of them again without watching the entire thing..


I've been watching this, continuously, for the past 20 mins. Still funny. ;D
Animations are cute and good, syncing is good, everything is good! GIMMEMOAR


1 for audio
3 for animation
2 for theme
1 for creativity.

it make me smirk a little, but no laugh at all...could be funnier

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4.09 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2012
2:47 AM EST
Comedy - Parody

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