Asteroids !

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Hey this is my second post on newgrounds and in fact my second full game ever.
Its another version of one of the most famous games ever made.
Asteroids !

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Yeah, the graphics are slightly better, but just about everything else is made worse. Gone is the floatiness of space, forcing you to let off your thrusters early or else ram into a rock. Gone is the satisfaction of mindlessly shooting the space stuff, replaced with a need for munitions and fuel. Gone entirely are enemy space crafts, and the risk of using Hyperdrive. A mouse and spacebar setup can't really compare to the classic arcade booth's controls.

Oh, and the audio. The original Asteroids opted for BARELY any sounds, which helped exemplify the idea of "Hey! THIS IS SPACE!" All you heard were little beeps, bloops, the firing of your laser, the roar of your thrusters, the whistle of other ships, and explosions when you failed. Here, there's low-quality music, and a sound for just about EVERYTHING, which detracts from the 'emptiness' that Asteroids had, and this was made in 2012, mind you.

If you want to play Asteroids, nothing beats the original arcade version, so if there's one nearby, happy hunting. Or, maybe there's a fairly faithful console version out there. So be it, as long as you don't refer to THIS game as your introduction to the game Asteroids.

Well, nothing new here. Not anything good anyway

So it seems like regular old asteroid, but now there is a twist - you have a limited number of shots and a limited amount of fuel. While these changes are new, they really don't add to the game in a positive way. The original asteroid game was about survival, and so is this... except in the original you had a fighting chance the whole time.

To get something better than the original, which I thought was pretty good, you'd have to expand upon it, not take things away. Things like upgrades, levels, bosses, etc. tend to be good. At the very least, make the asteroids drop ammo.

Also, why are the instructions in French?

you run out of bullets then what?

just dodge the paper looking rocks until you run outta of gas then sit like a duck waiting to get hit by these paper rocks? lame

I ran out of ammo!

Since the instructions were in french, I had to figure out that the blue batteries were the ammo cans.

I ran out of ammo and there were no ammo cans on the screen. I still had all my men. Once I ran out of ammo, I couldn't fight at all to get more ammo, and I got no new ammo if I died. If you use all the ammo and there's no more, how are you supposed to continue playing even if you haven't lost any men?

The game looks good, but plays bad. Sorry. :\

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3.51 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2012
10:44 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional