Balloon Quest

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*** Highscores currently not working will fix it once passes review ***

My first full original flash project! I hope you enjoy it!

Current Version 1.0.0

* This is the release version. I tried to fix all the bugs and glitches prior to upload but if it so happens that you find one please PM me and I will make sure to get it fixed and upload the new version.

* Possible future updates for this game
- Medals and Badges
- More Upgrades
- More Customization
- Suggested Ideas

* If you reach the upgrade that costs 4,000,000 points then post your reaction in the comments but make sure not to spoil it for others. :D

* I am currently working on several flash projects one of which is a space shooter and a sequel to Balloon Quest. All feedback is greatly appreciated because it will help me make my future games better.

* Controls:
- Mouse pops balloons
- Spacebar opens upgrade menu

Have Fun!




By the by, you can make the Slow Time and Super Popper upgrades permanent by getting another one before your first one runs out. Your second one will wear off, but your first one will stay there forever.
I got maximum size Triple Razors with the Mirror to fill the entire screen using just three permanent Super Poppers. Just before that, the balloons were extremely sluggish.
Even still, there's one balloon I never managed to pop...
And what's with the Death Balloon? The instructions show it, but it doesn't actually exist as far as I know...

Decent Game

This game, Balloon Quest (aptly named), dominated a lot of my time. I do like it, but not love it. Maybe it is the type of game it is, I do not know. Love it or not though, if you are in the mood for popping some skyward balloons this is quite the nice fit.

When you first start the game the colored balloons will float upward at an easy, regular pace; the popping here will be effortless. However, do not let your guard down because after a while the floating balloons will pick up speed, going faster and faster.

Complicating your undertaking, the points you earn will be cut for every balloon that escapes so it is imperative that an upgrade is made to the size of the pin or a speed improvement is purchased as soon as the funds are available for you to use.

The points (your currency) are accumulated per each balloon you pop. (Tip: pop balloons in a fast succession for a bonus - this can be achieved readily easy, enough to advance and gain a bigger chance of winning the game.)

Beautiful blue skyscape.

Replay value.


Challenging, at least it was for me.

Jittery imprecise cursors will dull a little of the joy you get out of playing this game and unfortunately making it more difficult to the tyro. This is my mouse's fault, not the developer xnviewforu's fault.

Not as fun after some time of playing. This varies of course, especially when you are on a loss streak.

Pretty cool game

not exactly a hard game but entertaining. couple of bugs, well i dont know if you call it a bug but either way its really annoying toward the end when you get the triple saws it like moves retarded and like glitches out and turns around on you, also when you get triples and the high speed you tend to move your mouse back and fourth and the mouse usually ends up going off the game screen, as soon as the mouse is off the screen the popper stops usually like 2 inches from the side so its kinda of a pain in the ass to get the balloons on the side at faster speeds, if possible make it so it follows the mouse even off the map for more control

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Rather average

Passed the time while I half-watched a boring show. Instructions screen needs proofreading. Balloons are still poppable in the upgrade screen, not sure if that was intentional or not. Ending is an old, unfunny meme that's long since been run into the ground.

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Great and Original Arcade Game!

I really liked the game and upgrade system... I played it a couple times - there could be improvements made - possibly save game, achievements, etc. Overall though I was fairly impressed with the game.

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3.04 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2012
9:30 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional