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Hi Guys! I am pleased to release my first-ever flash game, Snake Infinity! The game takes a new take on the classic computer game, Snake, with a few additional features to the game:

- Infinity mode - This feature allows you to avoid crashing into the walls! With Infinity mode enables, you will simply pass through the walls, and reappear on the other side of the screen!
- Colour customisation - Bored of always playing as the same colour? This game allows you to use and unlock up to six different Snake colours!
- Unlocks - This features is what makes the game worth playing. Try to score enough points to unlock new colours for your Snake!

I have been programming games for several years now, and it has taken me a long time to accumulate enough knowledge on Actionscript to be able to produce this game to the best possible quality. I hope that you all enjoy the game, and feel free to share your own ideas on future developments!



I seriously wonder why this game got rated so lowly! This is a good game, and great idea + twist on the original snake game! It's actually similar to my snake game (Pixel Snake).

It doesnt seem too unique

It seems 95% like the original snake. There have been other snake games that have added a lot, like graphics and animals to eat. There is also a huge flaw. If you press back to the opposite direction you are going, you eat yourself. When you press back you shouldnt eat yourself. Nothing should happen, since you are unable to move in the opposite direction along the line the snake is traveling. I hope that helps.

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EndoMatrix responds:

Thanks for the advice, I have just added that feature into the code, and it works!

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2.40 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2012
5:48 PM EST
Skill - Collect