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Check out the sequel, Genius Cop II:

Genius Cop is a short animation about a dumb cop. The joke was something my friend and I came up with when we were like 8, and one day when I wanted to animate something short, I made Genius Cop. It was animated quickly and had minimal movement as well as a few glitches. It got the worst ratings and lowest views of anything I had recently released. So, nearly a year later, I'm releasing Version 1.1 of Genius Cop, cleaning up lots of the animation, speeding up the timing, adding a bit of new content, replacing some of my worst voiceacting with RicePirate's skilled vocal talents, and generally adding more animation to it! This is what the animation should originally have looked like, if I had taken more time to work on it before it's release.

The original Genius Cop had an easter egg on the main menu, but I've added another new easter egg to it to sweeten the deal! Good luck finding it =P.
Runtime (w/o credits): 2:21
Extras Runtime: 4:14

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Cops don't send you to jail anymore

it's more profitable to fine you again and again till your wallet bleeds. It's also the reason they don't catch real criminals anymore, why bother when it's easier to hide behind something then ticket you for not keeping your car sparkling clean.

Aqlex responds:

Hmm, a ticket for not keeping one's car sparkling clean... that sounds like something I might use one day! =P


lol... Just kidding! ------> Not that serious look guy :P

Ok... First of all, I would like to say that I saw all you "Genius Cop" series and I must say I really found some changes in the two versions not much though.

Feedback about your flashes in general:

I see that you have an ambition on creating a series using flash. You know what is good about this program you can give it more nice effect if you just given it a bit, little, tiny more D.E.T.A.I.L (Delete and Eliminate Tommy Are Isolated Loser) Sorry about that I mean detail hopefully I didn't damage the idea. An example of detail is to give the characters some cartoony nose; I don't really know what kind of nose will fit your characters so you need to find out by yourself. You can do many things in flash. There is a whole world inside this small software. Use it, give it some effect and give it a life.

I just feel that it's a bit dull. I don't know maybe the problem wasn't with the animation anymore it's in the idea, the joke. Your joke needs to come in surprise and unexpected for example.

Feedback about your 2nd episode of Genius Cop:

About the voice of that cop in my opinion, I really thought that "RicePirate" really don't fit that cop because his voice fit for "Solid Snake" and "Tory". I think your voice was fit for that cop.

About your mistake in drawing that hand, it reminded me of my thumb mistake. I kept on making mistakes until my art teacher told me to keep looking at my fingers in the mirror while I draw them because when I look at my hands from my side I see it pointing in a different direction from what other people look at it.

Feedback about your 1st episode of Genius Cop is version:

I didn't know there is a hidden seen in the two video until my mouse stepped on it which also mean that I didn't read "Author Comments" although I heard it from you because I don't really like to read long comments but love writing a long one :P.

some questions and advices:

I just wanted to ask you some notes about: what is your style in drawing? I know that you are going to say:" I Don't understand this ?.?" or maybe you will not even to going reply this. But, if you did replay on this, tell do you have your own methodology of drawing (commonly used), use similar to a known cartoon such as (Anime, Disney, South Park, etc). It's just curiosity.

You're really planed for everything (the timing, the music, the logo, etc) didn't you?

You know the word that they always say to beginner artist "practice, practice, practice". If you really want some tips about drawing, animating, which thing to choice you can ask me.... Unless this question was hard for me to answer ^_^!

Can you create a nice logo for my account? Because when I saw your sketch it was nice. Please send me your creation.

I hope my comment was helpful feedback and sorry about the long feedback.

"I like to telling a live story here. hehe :P"

Aqlex responds:

For some weird reason, I almost always avoid drawing noses unless I need them. It's just such a major part of my style that I don't know if I'm going to just start drawing noses. I do agree that the joke here was a fairly dumb one, I was aware of that when I was making this animation, and I'm definitely going to work on that more in the future. I'm glad you thought my voice fit the cop well, though! I'm not very confident in my own voiceacting abilities. About those two hidden scenes, they are meant to be hidden. I want people to either find them by accident or find them because they were looking for them, I don't want to just point them out. My drawing style is very influenced by South Park. I didn't even really realize it at first, but a lot of people pointed it out to me, and it actually makes perfect sense, as that is my favorite TV show. I'm addicted to it. And yes, I planned for all that stuff, although I never planned on the logo turning into what it ultimately became. I wasn't expecting to put that much time into it originally. About the logo, let's talk through personal messages about that one. Thanks for all the feedback dude! I love comments, especially long ones =).


Being arrester for Driving Under Influence I know what it mean ( AM before that I was always driving drunk...) and didn't not pass any of these test to know I was drunk , they just assume I was drunk because my friends was having a beer in the car ... Anyway I really hate cops !!!
But soon the hapiness will shine again because I have like 1 years to wait and after that I can drive again !!!

So anyway good drawing , good sound and all that was especially a really good movie , It wouldn't surprise me going to the Top 5 with this kind of work that was almost perfect....

but anyway the ending joke was not so funny because it was so predictable that the old guy will go to prison instead of the drunk one..

But anyway let me tell you I never seen police doing this kind of thing to know if a person is drunk and police is not that dumb.....

I liked it because im presently off-license lol

Aqlex responds:

You were right about the top 5 thing, I got #5 for the day! Which is pretty awesome for me xD. I do agree that the whole joke in general wasn't all that funny, and that it was somewhat predictable, but it's something I hope to work on with future animations =P. I have never seen the police do that particular test to test something either, though I have seen the "walk in a straight line" test performed. But yeah, he's not the best cop, so it makes sense that he would base his stuff off a test as ridiculous as this one. Thanks for the comment! =)

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Jan 20, 2012
10:50 AM EST
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