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Rock Problem

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Jan 19, 2012 | 9:49 PM EST

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Author Comments

A video made in Pencil (free animation tool). A video of a rock bouncing around. This took me a few days (laugh if you want). It took me that much time because I used a free animation tool so I had to do all the animations frame-by-frame. I am also VERY bad at animation, but I do want to get better.This is the (mostly) finished version of rock bouncing around (which sounds bad). I put a few more hours of my day working on this and I hope that you all will like it more than the previous version. It has about 48 more frames the length and is now 149 frames at 12 frames per second. I will update this a lot(daily).

This video has had many names under my submissions, but I have decided to name it Rock Problem.


p.s. THIS IS NOT FREE BLAM POINTS. I put effort into this, I did not try to make a bad video.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

There is a problem that dose not look like a rock!

the problem is how it did not get blammed and how it might mislead people trying to search something up like oh this looks good "click" next thing you know your mad as hell and you want kill the guy who made this and that's with people who don't judge by his score people who do though wont take a second glance at it but the reason why i gave it a rating of five is because its probably because its his first time.

danydaniel responds:

Well its pretty much by an inexperienced animator with low-tech animating tools and how nice of you to want it blammed(sarcasm).

p.s. I don't think you would expect much from a 1.75, and most people (except those with issues) would not rage out and want to kill the person who made a bad animation and is just starting out with low-tech animation tools and a low score who wants to get better. >.>


Rated 5 / 5 stars

welp its more than i can do

but thats not saying much seeing as how i have no clue as to how to even use flash. but i will assume this was hard and vote for it as such. no offence though this kinda seems like practice work that didnt really need to be submitted

danydaniel responds:

It is true that flash is a pain, but the problems isn't that it's hard (was for me cuz I self learned) but that its VERY time consuming and the fact that it needs any effort for a long period of time, makes it exausting. Also I uploaded this to see how well I could do with a basic animation and the reason that it seems so practicy and short and not done is because I uploaded this quickly because (like most newby animator) I was exited and impatient, BUT I will continue this until completion and update the file. Thanks for the support!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

what? this is not a rock problem its a Dot problem

come on dude this is a Stick figure and dot falling this dosnt look like a rock this seems better than your first but seems out of order.
Make a story
add color and Backrounds
this is not good sketch
make it look like a rock and stuff.

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danydaniel responds:

well this is a continueation of that video. If you read the description you would know that I used Pencil on this (if you don't know what that is, its a free 2d software for "very" basic animation). I am going to make this longer every day (hopefully), until I see it as a fit animation with the ending (it will get a reason why it keeps happening)and I am very happy that you watched it and put the time and effort into making your comment

p.s.- If I made a backround the animations would be under it so you wouldn't be able to see it (no transparency because it is a cheap, free piece of software). I also want to thank you for submitting such a high score for this (compared to 1.69/5.00). Thanks.