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angry blue jack

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win stage 1 5 Points

win stage 1

win stage 2 5 Points

win stage 2

win stage 3 5 Points

win stage 3

win stage 4 10 Points

win stage 4

win stage 5 10 Points

win stage 5

win stage 6 10 Points

win stage 6

win stage 7 25 Points

win stage 7

win stage 8 25 Points

win stage 8

win stage 9 25 Points

win stage 9

my site 50 Points

you just know that

win stage 10 50 Points

win stage 10

win stage 11 50 Points

win stage 11

win stage 12 50 Points

win stage 12

win stage 13 100 Points

win stage 13

win stage 14 100 Points

win stage 14

win stage 15 100 Points

win stage 15

Author Comments

a cool catapult angry jack game, use your stone before it run out, attack all Angry jack!!!

download this game for free at http://flashgamedistribut ion.com/game/angry-blue-j ack/

PS: level 7 above has been revised easier than before

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I wish this game had only 9 levels ugh

Holy. Moly.

I am usually a very patient person when it comes to collecting medals on NewGrounds and just playing the games that are on the platform, but once in a while there is a game that just drives me crazy and makes me want to destroy my computer. This was one of them. Good job for having achieved that, you can be proud.

It was hard as f***. Seriously. The only reasons I give you two points are:
1.) You included medals
2.) You tried

Things that annoyed me: Almost everything. The game concept is a copy of "Angry Bird" and you didn't even bother to really change the title. Just use a thing called "blue jack" instead of the usual enemies and everything's fine - not. Gosh, the way the stones flew made me want to cry. They sometimes just bounced off of blue jack even though he should've died at that moment. Could've made passing several leves a lot easier sometimes, but apparently you decided to make this whole experience a little more cruel for me. In my opinion this is not a game but a horrible torture device, great job!

All in all I can say that I reaaaaaally enjoyed playing it. Thanks for having given me the opportunity to think about what I do with my life for such a long time. I am very thankful for that.

By the way: You didn't need to put a download link for this game into the description. Not trying to sound rude, but after having played that, I cannot imagine how anybody would ever want to play this game in his freetime.

Keep making games and have fun.

one really relieved dude that was about to sit in the nearest asylum.

I'm really getting tired of people making trash copies. You know exactly what a decent game looks like and you can't even copy it right. It's pathetic. No instant reset button, no scroll button. Games like these are just plain annoying and should be removed. I'd never submit something like this, not even for money.

you have created in stencyl right?

Cute like angry birds

lost in the portal but i found this good treasure of a find and i am glad i did. It has lots of possibilities, it has some nifty concept ideas, and you work them out perfectly so as i start more into this review, i ampretty pleased with how this is starting out. LOl i was wondering when someone was going to make an angry birds game clone, and this one has some medals so makes it all that much more fun, you dont show a "BIRD" when pulling back on the sling shot maybe you should as a nice visual effect. anyways the levels are easy and fun, and this game was notbad at all, could use some extra and snazzy effects though, greaphics were pretty good sound/fx were decent and again overall fun game. So i have had a few good years reviewing now, And its always nice to come across something slightly new, like this one, Keep up the fantastic work, keep acheiving the best in quality and style.

Commit to the time and effort that it takes, and required to bring the quality out, you already have something special the idea now is to make it even more special. So what i got from this was that it was notbad, some extra visual effects would be nice though. and adding some more medals would be a great plus aswell.

Credits & Info

2.63 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2012
7:43 PM EST
Skill - Toss

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