Goodnight Sweet Prince

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It's sort of that awkward in between drama and humor type of story that no-one really likes but are fun to make anyway.

Made entirely in black and white.


It was a good story

although it was a good story, i'm not sure what the overall moral is. Nicely made video and @ bigbangnet, i just want to point out, this is a fairy tale, meaning it's mostly fiction and nothing has to be so realistic. For example, many fairy tales have talking animals, spirits, or usually something or someone special (such as a prince who couldn't sleep) . It mostly taught a lesson to kids, ( grimm faerie tales as stylz said ) but at least give some credit for the author for making this video. Otherwise, please don't criticize something you can't do better at.

test-object responds:

Thanks a lot :3

Good, but not great.

The story was pretty good in keeping with the character of the original German Grimm Faerie tales, but it seemed to put a little too much emphasis on setting the viewer up for the shocking finish. When the voice announced "The End" I didn't feel as though I had been challenged enough (intellectually) to have been dismissed by the smarmy voice of the female narrator. The animation was pretty good. The story, like I said before, was pretty good. But It wasn't great enough to warrant being betrayed by the narrator thinking I viewed this flash due to some physiological need to do so. The movie was good, but it was not great.

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AIght, thanks a lot for the criticism :3


At first i was like o.o then at the end O.O


You lost me.


Great artwork, a little dark, but a nice little fairytale.

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Jan 19, 2012
6:46 PM EST