Goodnight Sweet Prince

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It's sort of that awkward in between drama and humor type of story that no-one really likes but are fun to make anyway.

Made entirely in black and white.



Creepy and creative. I guess the moral is we should sleep every night or you'll cry to death... that or there isn't a moral :P

Art, animation good, but pacing and ending issue.

That was pretty much it for me. The ending is creative, though predictable as others said. However the detailed description of a dead child slowly passing away with the hint of sarcasm in the narrator's voice was a big turnoff. This type of storytelling needs to be pulled off with great finesse to be absolutely perfect, and it will be great. However, if it's not perfect it's going to come across insensitive and crude. That's the difference between comedians on TV who can pull off racial, sex and poop jokes and make audiences laugh as opposed to ones in local comedy clubs who only make people chuckle or possibly even offend them. Touchier subjects require very precise pacing and writing.

I felt here there was just "too much" in the end - too much description, and too much drawing out the narrator's voicing of a fairly obvious conclusion, that soiled it for me.

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test-object responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism :)

classy yet.

classy and predictably but yet grate work. the art and story was grate and interesting

I see meaning in what was done.

I think there in every art form, especially in visual arts, that it should be a goal of the genre to somehow have enough people working towards its end to eventually reach some sort of actual complete volume. Which is why not having a clear point and missing alot of the natural elements of story while presented in a traditional manner is intriguing and worth while.... its for that reason i can give it a 8 for what it is. You can not really do stuff like this and ever get a 10 but thanks for sharing an experience. As you said with having black and white colors how so how that relates to the abrupt break of tradition that It seemed this was about. Not on a basic "oh its negative level" its anticlimatic so completely its not even that it ended in everyone's death that seemed to be the more hard hitting point for me.


That was funny!
moar please!

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Jan 19, 2012
6:46 PM EST