Bleach: Byakuya vs. Rukia

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This is a short one minute clip I made for our Grade 10 Comm Tech. This is my first time using flash in five years. I know I'm not very good with it but tell me what you think.

This flash has nothing really to do with the main story line of Bleach. Byakuya never fights or kills Rukia in the actual anime, and

The Japanese voices used for the flash are 80% incorrect, they are completely different words than the subtitles. This is because I was too lazy to find all the voice clips, so I ripped random voice clips from the anime and put them in with subtitles. Anyone who regularly watches Japanese subbed animes will easily catch on to that, especially people who actually speak Japanese and know the language well xD If your going to review and comment all all that, try not to bring up the incorrect voices, I am already aware of it.

Enjoy :D


good animation and voices but did you really have to use the guy from deathnote?

lhavf responds:

I didn't really have to, but I had an L vector already created so I thought "Hey, why the hell not?"
Bleach and Death Note are probaly my favourite animes.

When you wrote get ready to be massacred byakuya was doing a bakudo.This talk was obviously taken from battle between ichigo and byakuya.I am not sure if you intended to make an irony by taking both background and voices of that fight.It didnt work.Most of people didnt notice it at all.I know japanese so i can notice.If you intend to make another irony please be careful and make it obvious for those who dont know japanese.

lhavf responds:

I know, if you read the description, it says almost all the voices are inaccurate because I couldn't find all the voices and what I wanted and stuff. So I just took the risk and made everything incorrect.

Cool Flash

I like the voices you used

Not bad

Was short, but it kept me entertained. What did the guys sign say towards the end?

lhavf responds:

Y hello thar

Not Bad

I actually liked the animation for the video... I was curious as to what Rukia did to have her older brother kill her in such a brutal way however.

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Jan 19, 2012
4:34 PM EST