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Protest 5 Points

You oppose SOPA & PIPA

Author Comments

Formerly "PIPA is a cunt".

Something I tried to whip up in the 12 hours NG was blacked out.

It ain't great.

The music is "I Lived On The Moon" by Kwoon.


Not much of a game, but a great informative animation. A bit exaggerated, but fair enough. The music was nice and set a forlorn and suppressed tone. You did great!

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As a game, it' doesn't deserve stars.

Because this is not a game, this is more like a great open-minded interactive information.

And the music goes sooo great with this.

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Not really a game. More of an interactive movie. It was very good though, I thought.

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This game had a point, but it was over exaggerated. People do nothing but make fun of their government, they do nothing but blame the government for the problems that are really caused by US. You see, in reality, WE ARE the government. So, people need to stop using the men in black suits that control the media as a satyr for the problems in the world. Suck it up. Enough with the stupid conspiracy theories about, how the government degrades the constitution, and they control everything. No 1 group of people control everything, thats ridiculous. Sure, there are big corps that do unfair things and shit, like the tobacco companys and MCdonalds, but how is that the governmants fault? It isn't. If i wanted, i could go outside right now, go to my capitol building, and calmly tell my senator that his religious beliefs and his moral values for the place i live in are complete bullshit, and i could plainly say, "fuck you" to him. I wouldnt be arrested or sentenced to death, and surley i wouldnt have my fucking tongue chopped off. This, is thanks to the government. The government gives us many things, but for some reason we tend to focus on the negative. Be thankful for you'r rights, be thankful for the fact that you can be jewish one day, christain the next, athiest, whatever. The government makes it that way, and it isnt like that everywhere.

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Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2012
8:28 PM EST
Simulation - Other