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Protest 5 Points

You oppose SOPA & PIPA

Author Comments

Formerly "PIPA is a cunt".

Something I tried to whip up in the 12 hours NG was blacked out.

It ain't great.

The music is "I Lived On The Moon" by Kwoon.

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That ending sure came on suddenly... feels like development time might've been cut short there, but I like it. A game with a message... crisp format too. Simplistic pixels. I like the style.

Also not a big advocate of these restrictions they keep trying to push under the lieu of something positive, with new acronyms each time the earlier one fails. And they actually got it through too... wish more people played this when it was time.


We Hate SOPA And PIPA #BoycottSOPA #BoycottPIPA

walking simulator

Hm. While I appreciate the way you conveyed your opinion on the matter, and am thoroughly impressed by the quality of the game (especially knowing it was made in 12 hours), I have to say that I don't agree with the game's depiction of SOPA/PIPA. I'm not saying that you aren't allowed to have an opinion on this or that you should change your mind, because that would be rude. However, I think it is important to have a thorough understanding of the legislation before you go bashing it. To be perfectly honest, what we know about the bill was limited to what Google, Wikipedia, Newgrounds, etc. were telling us about; but remember, we get a very negatively skewed perspective that way! And darling, so many of the rights that you are contending would have been taken away from us had SOPA passed are protected in the constitution, hence why we have these little things called supreme court cases. SOPA itself is not unconstitutional; there is no way in hell it would have even made it near the floor had someone noticed a potential bill-killer like that. And, yes, I understand, "why are you talking about this? It already didn't happen!!1!!", and that's WONDERFUL and all, but it still should be raised as part of an issue this country is facing. When I think of SOPA, I don't think about "what will I no longer be able to do?", but I consider the effect on the entertainment industry and the protection of creative property. So many people end up bitching that the money we'd be giving back to the proprietors is just the rich getting richer, but, uh, NO. The entertainment industry isn't just big actors and big CEOs, but entire office buildings filled with people who are being paid by funds that come in from legitimate consumption of creative material. I know this block of text seems like I'm picking a fight with the air, but I have a point.
I think it is very impressive that you were able to create a game that gets a debate like this started. The fact that I became motivated at all to write this long-ass review should tell you that, as an artist and storyteller, you are very, VERY effective.

Great message, great music (which kicked in right when i started getting into the tour and made it seem extra cinematic), creepy animation style. Overall, an amazing little interactive animation. Also love the idea that you can walk away from the guy, and depending on how long you walk away it'll take you just as long to walk back. It's not like you can't just decide to walk away, but I guess it's kind of working on the idea that to embrace true freedom means stepping into the unknown. Freedom is out there, but it's up to you to find/imagine/see it for yourself.