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rated 4.00 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Jan 18, 2012 | 4:55 AM EST

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Accelerator Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 5 Accelerators.
Advanced Evolution 5 Points Evolve second time.
Are You Serious? 5 Points Game over in level 1.
Are You Sleeping? 5 Points The creature dies over 10 times in any level.
Blood Pool Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 5 Blood Pools.
Crying 5 Points Stay in front of the game over screen for 30 seconds.
Delicious 5 Points Boss I eaten.
Devour Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Devour Towers.
Dragon Unlocked 5 Points Finish story with Dragons.
Evolution 5 Points Evolve first time.
Feedback 5 Points Feedback appreciated.
First Blood 5 Points Kill 1 enemy with normal attack.
Flame Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Flame Towers.
Glaive Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Glaive Towers.
Got Killed 5 Points The creature dies.
I Love Second Grades 5 Points Pass challenge level with creature evolved only once.
Ice Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Ice Towers.
Landmine Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 5 Landmines.
Level 30 Survived 5 Points Survive 30 levels in endless mode.
Low Health 5 Points Pass level with 10 base HP or lower in endless or story.
Missile Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 5 Missile Towers.
Newbie Guide 5 Points Read all tutorials.
Pulse Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Pulse Towers.
Puppet Unlocked 5 Points Finish story with Puppets.
Quick Advanced Evolution 5 Points Evolve second time before level 13.
Quick Evolution 5 Points Evolve first time before level 6.
Spirit Unlocked 5 Points Finish story with Spirits.
Story Finished 5 Points Story levels Finished.
Stun Tower Frenzy 5 Points Pass any level with more than 10 Stun Towers.
Tastes Like Shit 5 Points Boss II eaten.
Tower Merchant 5 Points Sell more than 10 towers.
Ultima Killed 5 Points Finish Ultima boss.
Undead Unlocked 5 Points Finish story with Undeads.
Visit Us 5 Points Visit our website. Just click our logo!
Bosses Cleared 10 Points Finish all bosses.
Chakra Killed 10 Points Finish Chakra boss.
Chronos Killed 10 Points Finish Chronos boss.
Combat Master 10 Points Finish story levels without building towers.
Conditioned Finished 10 Points Finish all conditioned levels.
Extreme Finished 10 Points Finish all extreme levels.
Funny Finished 10 Points Finish all funny levels.
Fury Attack 10 Points Reach max attack speed.
Hard Mode Finished 10 Points Finish story levels with hard mode.
Never Upgraded 10 Points Finish story mode without upgrading Base.
Pinocchio Killed 10 Points Finish Pinocchio boss.
Scarface Killed 10 Points Finish Scarface boss.
ShadowKiller Killed 10 Points Finish ShadowKiller boss.
Strategic Finished 10 Points Finish all strategic levels.
Striker Killed 10 Points Finish Striker boss.
110 Stars Received 25 Points Received 110 achievement stars.
75 Stars Received 25 Points Received 75 achievement stars.
All Creatures Unlocked 25 Points Finish story with all species.
Level 45 Survived 50 Points Survive 45 levels in endless mode.
Ultimate 50 Points All other achievements finished.

Author Comments

Raise your creature and build towers to defend against enemies!

Total of 28 creatures, 10 towers and 6 different game mode now in NTCreature2! Each creature has unique attack and ability!

Remember that after you finish story levels with one race of creatures, you can use all creatures of this race in the challenge mode!

W,S,A,D for directions,
Holding left mouse button for attack,
E for eating, SPACE for casting ability.
You can set your own keys in Control Menu.

All creatures' stats:



Feedbacks or bug reports are most appreciated!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty good

thats very good dea and it looks well but there are glitchers with controls (i dont know if it is problem with me software or what) like when you keep a or d in anticipation that creature start moving after it stops eating it doesnt you have to release and dthen press it again or press it after it finishes. 10/10 for the game though

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun, if repetetive

I like the style and type of game. You could use a native English speaker to edit your wording, but you always get your point across just fine. Being on the same level again and again gets a little boring, but otherwise this is a really neat game!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The style seems quite similar to Patapon...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool :)

hahah its really cool and fun this game thanks man :)

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun, I like, but hard for beginners

This game has it's ups and downs. It's really hard first starting out, and if ya like me and didn't read that eatting = evolution. I had to read the author note to see eat and did it and see the DNA raising. It's extremely hard when ya first play-though. Since of no equipment to boost you're creature's state yet. Challeging, but beatable. Always try to get your monster to evolve first, the first levels are the easyest to do so. Since of monsters with low health, if one get by you, your towers can do effectively.

I noticed some people saying the towers are useless. It might appered that way, espilley low money, since of needing to recover the health of your base. But I seen it very useful. I think the bite traps are really good on numbering down enemies, so you're not over-doing yourself trying to kill them at the base. The ice one is useful of slowly down, so you can get to one side, then to another, and able to beat them, it's not perfect since some get though, but not so must that it's over-kill at the base. The flower is a great restoring item, in the later levels, and bosses, it's useful, since later levels boses are very common, and more then not, they are aimming and trying to kill you. Plus the flower also attacks, not must damage, but an extra usefulness. Even if it little. Now, the missiles I find annoying, since you have to place it below, and yet it still can't hit the target. But I bet in a large group, plus an stun trap would make that very useful. I also think the flame tower, the splash one is very useful. maybe does around 15 damage first brought, and 60 fully upgraded, but since it is splash, it useful. Plus placing it everywhere, kills all the small flies, and wounded the large one so ya can kill them easily and move on. I haven't really used the single attack targets very must, but I can image it's useful near the base, able to kill those annnoying fast swordsman that ya get in the early levels quickly.

Creatures, now I haven't played though all of them, but as far as I seen, I think each one has a speed more base, and the other more attack base. I'm sure all of them gets a speed boost, since ya going to one place to another. But some with so must attack can kill the bosses like nobody's business. And I noticed each one has a different states, since I gotten one monster that has great speed, and attack quickly, but low attack, on another one I gotten great movement, and attack but slow attack speed. But since there are just 3 states useully means one monster ain't complelty unquie saddly. But on the other hand, moves are intesreing. seems phyical attack at the first, and 2nd one, but 3rd distance. I can see the first one is that way, 2nd, it could had been more differents though. and 3rd one makes very must sences, since you use your mouse effectivle to aim and attack alot. the distance one I can see some unquieness. so far all the abilities are useful, that i used. If ya gotten a monster that apper useless ability might come in hand later. And each design is unquie, and simple. (also this is based on the two monsters I used the game with, I don't think I am completly correct on this, since I haven't seen all of them.)

Music, I think it's pretty fitting, makes a tribal like fight. But as far as I seen the music stays around for every different area. Personally I don't dislike it, but others might like some more unquie music. But I am happy with the option to remove music, or both music and attack sound. Maybe can listen to other songs when playing. But, I ain't sure possiable, it is likely my computer, the game freezes if another window is up.

As for looks, simple, effective, and easy to get around. Since it ain't looking complex, and easy to get down, it's more enjoyable. It ain't the most greatest design, but it get the job nicely, also kidda it's own style.

Story, well, the story explains what's going on. But the game isn't story base, it's just for the action and playing. But since it is addicting, it's doesn't must matter.

But overall, I enjoy this game alot, hope to see another verison

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