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SOPA Blaster

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Author Comments

SOPA and PIPA represent the US Government's attempts to censor and limit access to the internet, as well as to let attack dog lawyers loose on almost every website in existence. Nobody but politicians and prosecutors want SOPA, and we must all work together to strike it and other anti-Internet bills down as they appear.

The music is from a game I made last year, also related to the attempts to censor the internet with unwanted laws. The game was designed with StencylWorks.


I don't care if the game sucked, I got to shoot the law that tried to censor my ponies! Congress, you'd better stay the hell away from bronies because some of us fight for your country! (I don't but some of us do!)

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Got me to sign the petition.

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ReeseHollandGames responds:

Hooray! I love your screen name, too!

Fail law. almost fail game.

Get's your point across, I guess!

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ReeseHollandGames responds:

That is all I'm looking to do. Get players in, through content, and to the important message, in under 1 minute. I didn't set out to make a glamorous game, but to make something rapidly enough to get the point across at the peak time for relevance and activism.

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2.79 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2012
3:21 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed