Massive War 3

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Massive War 3 is a strategy war, build a powerful army to battle for planet domination!

In the year 2082 humans have colonized Mars and Pluto. Earth is no longer a prosperous planet, but is still a powerful military force. When scientist discover a distant naturally rich planet called the 'Bluegreen Planet' each planets sends their troops to battle for control over the new planet. Train soldiers and build military units and structures to overpower your opponents.

Keyboard shortcuts:

[Q] - fast forward to the left. [W] - fast forward to the middle. [E] - fast forward to the right.

Click the icons to train units or use the [1..6] number keys.
Click the formation buttons to change formations.
Click the edge of the screen while scrolling to speed it up.


Extremely similar to other ones, but overall this is good

Really Cool

I definitely like how the element of strategy was implemented in this. I haven't played the first two games, though. I was thinking, you'd figure by 2083 the human race would remember its past mistakes and be able to peacefully colonize a new planet without needless bloodshed. Not to mention the effects of industrialization can have on the environment.

All in all, this is a solid game, but I would have liked the gameplay to have been more like an Age of Empires game. Such as being able to build your own cities, gather resources, and more complex upgrades. That's just my personal opinion though.

This would be better if all 3 games were implemented into one


This game is horrible!!!!! i mean, the graphics are from the sega????? man, you can make it at least a little bit better. and that's not all!!! i dont understand how to battle a battle, you use upgrade points 4 buying units (i mean, they are upgrade points, THEY ARE USED 4 UPGRADE!!!!), and you loose battles versus empty cities. i cant beleave tey made 3 games of this!!!!!!

jaja, that was fun, it's not that bad really, it's just a joke, but it's real (not too exagerated, but real). i think that if they make a 4th one, they should put better graphics, just like warfare 1917, and things a little bit easier, with a better tutorial.

All i have 2 say is: not good enough

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3.12 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2012
3:20 AM EST
Strategy - Other
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