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Jan 18, 2012 | 2:31 AM EST

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i made this movie because i often jump from feeling really awesome about myself to regretting being unproductive in my earlier teen years, it switches up easily every other week, and i wanted to see if that happened to other people. since it's got more votes than anything else, i'm pretty happy.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


The slideshow itself isn't that bad, and the different pictures are nice. The quality in most pictures is nice, which you don't always see.

There are also lots of things that I dislike about this video though.
First, something that each video should have: a mute button. The music quality became horrible after a while, and that was the point I wanted to turn it off.
It also doesn't have a start or a replay button, making closing the screen the only option to mute the sound.

Second, a lot of those pictures have deviantART watermarks. Either search for other pictures, or leave the part with the watermark out.

Third, not every picture is of the same quality. In some there are tons of dead horizontal and vertical pixel lines. But what I dislike the most is the background. With some pictures it is white, with some it is black, and others just have the previous picture as their background. If you could make that the same for each picture, it would look better as a whole.

If you could make a few pictures yourself, made some different music and a mute button, and maybe even an option to scroll through pictures, this will surely get a better score.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Images are nice

Sadly, this flash doesn't offer me too much. Sure, the drawings and photographs are nice, but I highly doubt that they all are your work (if they are, then I have to apologize). So what we have here is a slide show set to some low quality music. While this isn't a bad sing per se, it sure isn't such a good thing either, as it doesn't seem to require that much work to finish a project like this.

Also, the images look distorted and streched most of the time, which I found really off putting. Even worse, sometimes we could see the plain white background, which is off putting as well. The least you could've done was to add a black background, as this works best to frame images.

I'm sorry, but I can't give you a higher score, since I really don't see that much effort in this submission. At least you chose some nice images.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Not really a video

Well, you've made a low quality slideshow of various images regarding lions, set to the tune that I can only assume is called "I Am A Lion". The concept is good, but not one that I'm expecting to do very well on Newgrounds.

Did you draw any of the images, or take any of the photos? If so, you may be deserving of more credit, though i suspect not, so I have rated it low. From what you've provided us with, some of the images are distorted, by your panning across them, poor stretching of them and even badly clipped images, that result in a massive white border around them, which looks out of place, particularly when you move to the enxt piece, that takes up the whole of the screen.

The audio quality is awful and as a result, I am left feeling hollow, as there seems nothing rewarding from either of the major aspects of this piece - not your work, combined with someone else's song, that is badly distorted in quality.

Some other people have made better slideshows that this one, by having a few key rules for them:

1) No stretching - the images are not supposed to be animated and as a result, they remain as stills.

2) Regulation image size. If you must, work on the background, so that there is something other than just the white surrounding the image.

3) Set times per image - 5 seconds per image, then fading into the next one would be nice to program and it's a simple thing, so it could teach you a few bits and pieces about the programs.

4) Your own work - yes, there are piece out there that use other people's work, but make one about a portfolio of your own pieces, that way people can get more of an idea about you.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well first of all I feel the picture composition did not due this submission justice, the stretched pics ruined the quality in a lot of the scenes unfortunatly, but you have a lot of nice artwork throughout. My favorite piece was the red muscular one, this also needs music and probably better dimensions. You're a very talented illustrator no question and that ganja looks sick but the red text was very hard to read

review request club m.o.b lol

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bongboy69 responds:

it did have music vintersorg rocks! Adjust your volumce or speakers then maybe? kvlt-a-holics!! Thank you so much for the good score, means a lot