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Tetris Mafia

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Have been so focused on big long projects* that I haven't actually finished anything in a while, so I'm focusing on doing a few quick shorts. Here's the first one, based on a little doodle I did one day at work.

EDIT: Yay! Front page! Thanks everyone!

When animated with voice it ended up a bit darker than I expected, but that may in fact just make it better. You decide.

Music, as usual, by Peter Gresser. Voices my myself and Peter Gresser.
Special thanks to Miktar, for contributions to the very punny dialogue.

(*) However, I have very exciting news in regards to bigger projects later this year. Oooo, tantalizing hints without actually saying anything of substance, ooooo! More substance to be hinted at later.

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Mafia Tetris

god this was dark but good concept

Mafia Tetris

to be honest I didn't like it for the 1st thing I cant really explain it just bored me sorry

Short, simple, and hilarious. A must-watch.