Crimson Sin

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Crimson Sin is a game that tells the player very little, and forces him or her to experience the ride for themselves. The game consists of multiple encounters with people, and how the player reacts to each situation dictates the ending of the game.

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I thought it was entertaining, creepy, and pretty, but I didn't really get the story. I noticed the knife stuck in the rocks, the guy hung on the tree, and the letters M,P,H,L,E,E which switched around spells HELP ME, but I couldn't really articulate the story. I think she met him, fell in love, he left her for someone else, and she killed herself? Not really sure.

well i dident see all ending so i guess i just as what happend was the girl fell in love with someone and he was with her ... as the story progresses i seen scisors and the two of them togheter but i dident acualy find another ending :( good game thow

OK, I initially really liked the game. It seemed artsy, dark, and atmospheric. I particularly liked the idea of different endings, as you seemed to indicate in the description that there were. I couldn't find any way to interact with the people though. If you continued to the right you get a sad story, and that was cool, but weren't we supposed to be able to interact with the others? Maybe a little more direction. Also, I noticed the letters M, P, H, L, E, E on the rocks. What was the significance in that?

A good idea, but I'm not really sure if there is supposed to be more to it.

Very good, but I wish the character could run a little faster, and I wish it could have happened more while the girl runned. But I really love the story itself! :)

I didn't get it at all. It has potential I like the idea of the ghost girl and the walking, but it was so slow I wanted to quit. I honestly continued out of sheer curiosity. If it was more interactive or made slightly more sense, I don't mind having to think, it would be better.

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4.23 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2012
11:52 PM EST
Adventure - Other