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Go Halo Go!

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Hi Newgrounds,

Made this a while back but have been meaning to put it up here. Converting video to flash drives me f-ing insane! (cause I'm that idiot who uses After Effects)

Anyway I have a daughter now and she watches that Diego shit on Nick Jr that this parody is based on. Why do they stare at you like that?! It's creepy as hell and makes me feel weird.


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This is pure comedy gold.

kinda creepy lol

Tea bag, activate!

"Do you see anything to send him straight to hell?" Me: hmmm........ the tree would do something.

I spent the first nine years of my life in a Crib at my babysitter's. I fucking dare you to tell those mother fuckers on channel 33 to give real facts. I dare you. I spent the majority of those nine fucking years, being forced to watch Dora the explorer. Just because all the fucking babies and toddlers watched it, there was nothing else to do. There really wasn't. And even though I did NOT want to watch a girl and her fucking banana fed monkey tell me to look for a tree and a rope so they could jump over a field of cactus's, JUST so they could find their fucking purple backpack AND ENCOUNTER A FUCKING HYBRID OF A FOX AND A RETARDED RACCOON WHO's MOTHER IS A SKANK ANTEATER........

...I really didn't have a choice. I was a baby. I was the adorable infant who could not speak. Although, I could understand their words. In my thoughts, I could understand what they said and what they wanted. And even after hearing that "Dora the explorer is being replaced by another show", and being partially excited by it, those bastards who organize TV did something horrible. They started the whole thing over again. Everything was repeated......With Diego. The next few years, it was the absolute same process.Every day, return from preschool, deal with a bus-ride to the babysitters. Wait four hours at the baby-sitters, spend it watching TV, get picked up.....It never ended until I was relieved from needing a daycare. and after Diego, they picked up the pace. Only by a little bit.
It took them very long, to use facts, but it still was horrible. This was when we had begun watching "Noggin". It was essentially, Barney, without many actual characters, more facts and examples, and there wasn't much of a need for shapes anymore.