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Mr Gunface

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Pilot the gunface assault drone to save yourself from the Zenoba invasion.

WSAD or Arrow Keys to Move, Aim and fire with mouse

1,2,3,4 Cycle through weapons on Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Ears Respectively.

M mutes music

N mutes sounds

K to toggle between keyboard only and keyboard and mouse

Collect coins to power up your drone!

Different enemies resist different weapon types, look out for hints!

***UPDATE 21/01/12*** Greatly increased coin collection radius based on user feedback (currently pending approval for change to .swf by newgrounds, should be 24 -48 hours from 14:42 GMT).... Thanks for playing, rating and taking the time to comment :)

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Help!I am stuck at level 26,after I beat the level,the game just stuck there!Please fix this glitch or bug!

awesome but

i WAS loving this game really going for it then i bugged on me for the 3rd time! and i lost everything great game but the frustrating crap with the bugs really is upsetting fix the bug and its game on!


pretty good i guess

So polished, yet so broken.

I can't believe how buggy this game is when considering the amount of work that went into it.

It feels as though the game wasn't test played all the way through before releasing it.

There should be a big warning message at the begining of the game that reads: "Stay Away From Edge of Screen"

Countless times I have died because and enemy spawned right on top of me and I couldn't move. Implement a proper collision system.

After finishing a level, clicking on "Continue" should bring me to the next level, not to the map screen; which is poorly explained by the way.

The ranking system seems broken. On more than one occasion I achieved a S rank for a level, but died midway through, so I didn't actually beat the level. This has cost me a few useful upgrade points for weapons I didn't actually unlock yet.

Difficulty curve is like a steep hill with a few potholes. Goes from breezing easy to anal rape.

Having to refresh the game because it won't progress sucks. This happens sometimes when I die, or even when I complete a level; the buttons don't work.

Actual weapons upgrades, in my opinion, don't seem to have much of a noticeable difference, unless you do a few upgrades on 1 weapon in one go.

Unless I didn't see it, I would like the option to sell upgrades. Like the ones I purchased near the beginning not knowing what my personal play style would be.

The dialogue seemed uninteresting and really just wore my clicking finger out, having to keep clicking continue.

Okay, now some positives. Definitely a source of eye-candy. I can tell that some hard work went into the visuals. The game ran silky smooth without any noticeable lag. Sound effects seemed to match the action quite well. Overall as a composition the elements play well with each other.

Doesn't deserve MOST of the crap it's getting

First, a message to the haters that are voting it down just because there are other games like it: Welcome to Newgrounds. Top-down shooters are a staple of the site, and frankly, most of them work exactly the same way. Get over yourselves.

Personally, I thought the face system (having 4 weapons equipped at once) was pretty cool, and the artwork is really suited for the genre.

That said, there WERE issues. First, and foremost, the game is wayyyy too prone to lag. I changed the quality to low, turned off the sounds, and optimized my CPU, but something in the programming is still super power-hungry, maybe the clutter of having too many complicated enemies onscreen at once. And having the gun-toting robots fly all over when they got hit was funny at first, but got really annoying when they would just fly into ME. I got most of my kills in one level by just having enemies slam into me, decreasing the fun of the shooter. And, while I enjoyed the face system, cycling through the weapons on at a time during combat felt cumbersome. Lastly, the lack of a pause feature in a game like this is ridiculous.

My main suggestion is to incorporate an inventory system into a pause screen. That way you can change your entire weapon loadout at once, without simultaneously worrying about dodging enemies. Also, get rid of those spinning enemies (or make the action smaller) and see if you can simplify the code to get rid of the lag, since it's not the graphics alone.

Overall, this is a solid game with some interesting spins, but it needs to be polished to make it more playable. Good work.