Monster Fighting Kid

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A giant monster is crashing through the city leaving death and destruction in its wake! Nothing the military throws at it can stop the lumbering juggernaut! There's only one hope left and it lies in the hands of a very special 4 year old boy - Monster Fighting Kid P.P. Ding!!!
MONSTER FIGHTING KID P.P. DING is the first Flash toon I've created using my Spud style - a tater lookin' torso with disembodied limbs. The style was inspired by Ubi Soft's "Rayman" games and NG's very own "Eskimo Bob".
"MONSTER FIGHTING KID P.P. DING" is the 4th place winner of Newgrounds' Daily Top 5 Portal entries for 8/1/02! My thanks to everyone who made it possible!
NOTE: If you have a super slow computer (like I do), you may want to drop the quality to "Low" so it'll run correctly.



Dude! That rocked, man! Although i would watch out a bit if ur gonna use a chinese kid all the time, i doubt many chinese/japanese ppl (if u were trying to portray the japanese) will be very happy, n probs accuse u of being aKlu Klux Klan member lol!
Nice work dude!

How can you say that Sucked???

That was F***ing amazing... Make more please.

What can I say Doc? Amazing...

The basic art in this movie is absolutely incredible, and the sound effects and voice acting was well put together. I loved the shading, the colors, the characters... everything! You even managed to keep the movie size small despite the awesome inegrity of this of it nearly bursting from the seams. The style itself in the movie is just... crazy cool! Almost as good as chocolate milk, and that's saying a lot. But not quite. Chocolate milks still the king.
The humor was great, and the violence, though not necessarily applicable in making this movie a peice of art, was downright looney tunes amazing.

Nothing more I can really say Doc, just hope to see more from you soon. Hopefully some of your newer projects will be here shortly!


Cool! But I really liked how the people looked. I mean come on looking at them was got to give you a little chuckle. I mean they're so short... and it's funny!!!


I must say that i now understand what you mean by put more effort into my movies. your movies are the best on newgrounds. I cannot believe what I just saw. Not only was it animated perfectly...It was veryveryvery funny too. I gave all my 5 to this masterpiece. keep up the great work andkep in touch. Respond to my latest mail. Thanx

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3.76 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2002
7:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Original