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Scarlet Stranger

rated 3.79 / 5 stars
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Adventure - Other

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Jan 16, 2012 | 8:49 PM EST

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MED1 5 Points Found a Bronze Key!
MED2 5 Points Found a Silver Key!
MED3 5 Points Found a Gold Key!
MED5 5 Points Earn 50 Gold in the shop.
MED4 10 Points Found the BOSS KEY!
MED6 25 Points Earn 200 Gold in the shop.
MED7 25 Points Earn 500 Gold in the shop.
MED8 25 Points Beat Thrash!
MED9 50 Points Rescue Hilda!

Author Comments

Once was a Count who lived at Castle Chameleon, a cruel man named Thrashwoode, quite machiavellian.

Until our stranger appears, wielding sword, wielding shield.
The look in his eyes, our next chapter - revealed.

Join the Scarlet Stranger as he journeys through the ever changing Chameleon Castle. Will the princess ever be rescued?



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well written story

Unlike some of the reviews i have read i had no problem with the game and found the story well written, the gameplay enjoyable, and i could probably say a great many things about this game however to save time and eye strain...

... This game is simple and enjoyable and your work is excellent as always, looking forward to more.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Missing something...

Nice game. It played fine, but there were some points that nagged me a bit as I played through.

1) I got a VERY big Zelda vibe from this game. It's undoubtedly intended. But, the thing was, it missed a large chunk of Zelda-ness -- namely, weapon-tools. The Shop Wench is nice, really. She gives a semi-unique approach to providing the crafting mechanic, along with the core weaponry. But really, when I'm randomly trapped in a room which spawns 8-10 monsters, with thunderously ominous music, I'm expecting a pay off -- maybe a hookshot knockoff, or a bow, or even something arbitrary like a dancing pinata battle buddy. But all I get is a Medium Gem. ._. It was pretty underwhelming, and that small return kept me from going through the rooms I missed on my initial playthrough once I'd gotten everything I needed.

2) Enemy variety. The selection was pretty small, and I'm fairly sure they all used the same movement program. They weren't engaging. When comparing this game to it's predecessor, "Help the Hero!," one would think that perhaps the monsters the Thrashwoode battled would at least make a cameo appearance, or at best, be minibosses. (I have a soft spot for that Tree Fellow. ._.).

The game quality is good, don't get me wrong. But it seemed to be missing an engaging factor.

The music also seemed alright, but I suspect a better score could be selected for this game. It lacked a very... castley theme, and instead seemed to be a reminder that the game was trying not to take itself too seriously. ._.

In any case, it was enjoyable, but the lack of variety in game play will end up keeping it from being a repeat, at least for a good long while. However, hopefully future expansions will incorporate a little more variety, and I look forward to that. In any case, thanks for the game. :)

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


in the second room, I defeated the pig, pressed the button to open the chest and I was transported outide of the room on the lower part of the screen. I could not re-enter the room nor could I go the the previous room. I was stuck.
Interesting glitch

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great game,but...

So I jumped off a ledge and landed on a chest became stuck there. In a fit of rage I began pounding keys and opened up what appears to be a level editor. All I managed to do was surround myself with random blocks and water, but I'm still stuck on the box, and now also stuck in the editor. Other wise though, the game play is great. Any tips? lmao

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Solid design, but unfinished and buggy

It seems like you were going for a combination of Zelda and the newer Castlevanias, which is not a bad combo. The idea of randomly generating the castle was also nice. Who both your character and the end boss actually are were also both nice touches.

However, the game has a few major flaws and bugs:

-The good ending doesn't exist. Hilda's text changes when you have the ring, but the actual ending doesn't.

-The whole "beat this in an hour or the castle will morph" thing is cool, but the game is tiny and the puzzles are incredibly easy - there's no way even a novice gamer is going to need an hour to get through it, even with starting gear. The only reason you're likely to run a second castle is that wood was made too rare relative to the other resources, so you'll likely get the bad ending since it's not obvious you need the crafted ring.

-There's switch blocks that add platforms that either lead to nowhere, or are just plain unnecessary. A couple of these may be intentional ("If you find a shortcut, more power to you"), but at least one put a platform 2 squares from the button, right next to a low ledge you could obviously jump up.

-The random castle isn't very random. I realize there's major limitations on how random you can make it (the doors need to line up, it needs to be impossible to use a combination of keys that will make the boss key impossible to get, the puzzles need terrain that actually supports them, etc.), but when I did the second play-through for the good ending, it seems like nothing actually changed. The first half of the castle had a few rooms switch order (but not actually change). Maybe a few trees and monsters got swapped around, but let's put it this way... nothing changed that I would have noticed had I put 2-3 days between my 2 runs.

-The boss' floor effects (both the wave and the +-shaped rising tiles generated noticeable lag on a quad core machine that can handle Skyrim easily. People on 3-4 year old machines probably slow to a crawl.

-Some of the later rooms seemed completely half-assed, including a "hit a button, here's one monster, ok you're done, here's the chest" one.

-The game ends with a "quick, escape before the big red timer runs out!" run... except it's a timer to walk 5 feet to the bottom of the screen. Was this planned to be something like the end of a Metroid game, but you just didn't have time to actually build it?

What most of this (along with things like there being a grand total of 1 type of monster that varies by anything but HP value) points to is a game built on a great idea and a solid design, but rushed too much to really realize its potential. This is somewhat odd, as both The EXP and Armor Games tend to be known for well-polished games.

I hope you make a sequel with a bit more effort put into the later stages of development... there's tons of room for this to be a great game, but you definitely didn't nail it on this try.

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