Scarlet Stranger

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MED1 5 Points

Found a Bronze Key!

MED2 5 Points

Found a Silver Key!

MED3 5 Points

Found a Gold Key!

MED5 5 Points

Earn 50 Gold in the shop.

MED4 10 Points

Found the BOSS KEY!

MED6 25 Points

Earn 200 Gold in the shop.

MED7 25 Points

Earn 500 Gold in the shop.

MED8 25 Points

Beat Thrash!

MED9 50 Points

Rescue Hilda!

Author Comments

Once was a Count who lived at Castle Chameleon, a cruel man named Thrashwoode, quite machiavellian.

Until our stranger appears, wielding sword, wielding shield.
The look in his eyes, our next chapter - revealed.

Join the Scarlet Stranger as he journeys through the ever changing Chameleon Castle. Will the princess ever be rescued?

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While I wouldn't say it's bad by any means there are a couple bugs and quirks that would rub me the wrong way in this game. Sometimes when I enter a room a door meant to close me in would instead close on me and take me to another room in the castle on top of a wall. The Merchant tables were also a nuisance because they would either spawn 3 close together or one at the first room and one at the last. This is not a game you can really explore either, There are never enough bronze keys to open all the doors so sometimes you have to reset and go through everything again which becomes very tiresome. And finally, My game said the Princess wass still locked away even though I assembled the ring and broke her out of the cage, Is that on purpose or what? All in all, Great art, fun and simple puzzles, interesting concepts make a good game but bugs and repetitive mechanic's do not. I'm glad I played it but I think once is enough for me.

SOOO MANY BUGS..... cool game but with bugs that ruin the gameplay... "Hey i got all the items to craft the gold ring let's talk with the shopkeeper --- i lost every single item"

Pretty good game. Loved the music. Can't say anything else.

Nice game, its reminds me of a book, but i cant for the life of me remember which one, anyone know it?

Your game is so good, I made an account just to submit this bug report:
When running around during the final boss battle, I accidentally ran downwards out of the room.
I ended up two rooms down according to the map, in an empty room with no doors. Boss music was still playing, and there were no switches that could get me out of there; believe me, I checked.
Also, the vendor says "I will buy this for x/2" for an item she sold for x, but actually buys it for x.
Now for the good parts:
Awesome game! The mechanics (attack to interact, approach to unlock) are so intuitive and fun!
I could get lost for hours gathering keys, crafting items and keeping my hearts high.
The random level generation is cool too, I'm impressed by the fact that each level was fun and had no "dead ends": areas in which one could get trapped. What language did you write it in?

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2012
8:49 PM EST
Adventure - Other