Flow Orb

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1. Teach 3,600
2. PeanutButterPrince 3,290
3. Vandal2 3,240
4. Asandir 3,200
5. Bombenhagel 3,060
6. RedN 3,050
7. RHawk 3,030
8. PulseLane 3,020
9. Nijsse 3,010
10. NeonSpider 1,920
11. MadMath 1,910
12. Knuckstrike 1,850
13. Dandy-010 1,670
14. Teddynotes 1,650
15. MadMixa81 1,560
16. MedalAddiction 1,540
17. UpoqvoSAMMIovpoqU 1,540
18. BSEfcukde 1,480
19. Gadgetphile 1,480
20. keyransolo 1,430

Author Comments

Hello. This is my first game on this website. The game is very simple. Main goal of the game, collect the falling balls painted in the current color. The buttons '1','2','3','4' - change the current color. Spacebar - change color in sequence.
Enjoy the game.


Why oh why couldn't you have ordered the colors by increasing frequency on the light spectrum, rather than arbitrarily as you have done?

That's the problem with these changing color games -- most people just pick some arbitrary order which you then must memorize to be halfway decent at the game, but the more such games you play the worse you become at all of them since one game's arbitrary order will be entirely different from another's and so forth and you'll be remembering some order from some other game or at the very least take longer to process the correct order for any given game as you'll have to mentally filter out all the other orders you've also memorized. This added bit of mental delay is enough to significantly impact gameplay to the point you might lose only because of this.

You easily could solve this by the very logical ordering of increasing frequency, while at the same time actually teaching people something.

Good idea, addicting game. I think it would make a good sound game, where each orb makes a sound or adds to the background melody instead of 'ting'. Combos would be nice^^

Good concept but it gets hard a bit too fast. Would have been good to have a smoother transition into the hard section...

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You should add like combo or something to boost the score faster, otherwise it will be really hard to get the achievement :(

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nice reflex exercise, amusing idea. just not really enough depth /replay value to keep interest for very long

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4.41 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2012
8:10 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling