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You know...

That wasn't too bad.

I mean there was no sound, no plot or nothing like that and that usually warrants a bad review but this wasn't too bad.

The 'frame by frame' style and the evolving drawing was pleasant to watch, even if it was quite short. The odd lines and text at the end didn't really finish the flash well.

Keep up the hard work.

I recommend steering away from Clock related flashes as they're a genre that is overly done and done poorly at best of times.

You've shown a glimmer of potential, you should create something unique of your own.

clockcrab responds:

Eh hem.
I'll have you know that a lot of clocks are great and flash and produce great works. One of our own recently received his bachelors in character animation. You speak of unique, but sir, your name is one derived from the most over used animes ever, one that set the line for generic. The Clock Crew is fun, supporting silly spam flash, and it is serious, it gives you a start to a career in animation. You sir, are wrong.