VG Cats Animated 6

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This is probably my most ambitious attempt at an animated adaptation for VG Cats. I flipped out when I first saw my copy of the VG Cats book and noticed that Scott re-drew some of his comics so that they had a more modern look which opens up some opportunities beyond my original 7 episode limit.

Now that this is done I'm going to get to work at making "Doctor Whooves and the Assistant." The audio series found on youtube.

Original comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=269

Other comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=271



I liked this one probably the best out of the ones you've done so far mostly because this was also one of my favorite comics by him. It didn't really matter to me that there was a pause in between credits because I usually watch it to the end anyway.

9/10 4/5

Some good voice acting and solid animation.

Have I ever told you, you have impecible taste in music selection? Because you do, every background track and credit track are so much fun to listen to and still don't take away from the voice acting. I really like. Also, I'd like to say thanks for the for the mention, as a reviewer, that means a lot, so thanks.

As for the flash, it was really good. I enjoyed all of it very much and thought Omahdon and the rest of the cast's voice acting was spot on as I've said. As for the transistion, despite what some have said, I found the timing to be spot on. Any sooner and it would've felt rushed. I think some people are just impacient. But I digress, good work with this one. It was good fun.

Some things to work on are different camera angles, from different angles and such, though not necessary for this one, it seemed like each scene was coming from the same angle. Although, maybe that's because I saw the first 30 seconds of this flash at least 12 times by now. Haha... So anyways, thanks for the upload and keep 'em coming. I think I'll look into the Doctor Whooves thing too.

MikeandTreyVideo responds:

Yeah, I'm no great artist, so whatever I animate pretty much has to be already drawn out. In the case of Doctor Whooves, I'll have to storyboard it myself so I can get a feel for where I'm going. (that's what I did for Cupcakes at any rate)

Dynamic camera and smooth animation is my goal for Dr.W

Very well done.

I gotta say, your improving with each and every vid. The fake credits almost got me, but i'm glad i like credits now. Very funny stuff, keep it up my friend.

Great Scott!! :o

The funny thing is I just finished watching again the back to the future movies, and the delorium was destroyed so did she build her own or something lol. And were not going into the hole paradox that if one person meeting another person would blow up or cause a temporary rift in the time and space.

But still very funny, and for the fun of it "It's in the name of Science!" lol rotfl, the most iconic frase also used in jurassic park 1 is "We spared no expence" don't beleave me watch it, and see how many times that frase is used in the movie.

dude dont do that!

everything is awesome i just wanna say:

dont roll fake credits dude, you almost lost me and im sure you lost many people, dont do that with such a painstaing thing as animation

and yhea, i AM your mom

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Jan 15, 2012
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