Grandpa Bean

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An idea born out of boredom and many hours of Skype chatting with old friends. Enjoy!

You can also watch the video on youtube @ http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=KbQz2VZeVKQ


Animation by Nick Signorelli


"The Grandpa Bean Theme Song" - Nick Signorelli
"Porch Swing" - Kevin MacLeod
"Reaching Out" - Kevin MacLeod
"Eerie Horror Scene" - Blastwave FX


Keep flashing the flashes.

Great work,

I'm glad you didn't bother with backgrounds and whatnot. Location wouldn't have been relevant, and it gives you a unique style (and let's you put out more videos faster if you really had the funny one to match the zeal) Sadly, the writing needs a little improvement. the "cocoon" joke wasn't funny until the very end when the grandfather explained the man to bean theory, and really the jokes were unrelated. However the idea of grandpa in a sleeping bag is quite funny in itself, you don't see many people risk senile humor. It being a delicate subject but the fact the video ended with the disappointed grandson satisfies everyone's sense of un
iversal fairness. No one's insulted i mean.

I'm going to sound like I'm contradicting myself, however adding a background and a little history to these characters offers the opportunity at a better series. You've set yourself with the title sequence, so why not improve the likelihood of a return audience. Show the boy looking for the sleeping bag, or the reason for it's necessity. Then show grandpa after the intervening (so to not spoil the reveal) and just cut to the son finding grandpa watching TV in his new "cocoon". Plays up the senile, and add reusable backgrounds for a "grandpa bean" series.

You've got a cute style, the only reason why I didn't give you 10 of 10, is because i've seen this low eye-wide mouth-short frame character animation style a thousand times before, and you had no environment to justify the choice.

Great work,

You have no sense of humor, the grandpa isn't in denial, he's senile in his old age. Denial is the refusal to accept the obvious in an attempt to preserve remaining motivations. He's trying to turn into a bean for crying out loud, he's just crazy. And Wtf is "mellow enchencing". Stop reading your memes and you may gain a sense of humor, so to have something positive to add.

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was there suppose to be a joke in here

there was no joke in here unless you consider that the granpa is in denial over the death of his grandson even though that is a element of drama and horror instead of comedy so it fails there

the animation is simplistic,the water colors make it mellow enchencing how bland and boring the the simplistic artwork is
the sound is okay i suppose but it doesn't fit the comedy genre instead it makes it mellow

it should be in the horror or drama genre it fails as a comedy

I liked it.

The crazy grandpa is funny.

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3.31 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2012
2:00 PM EST
Comedy - Original