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Madness Fight Trailer

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Author Comments

Main movie by potatoa liuzirui1122
Trailer by liuzirui1122

Hope you like it :D

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IT was awesome!
the music, the animation!
oh, and id u know iwas being sarcastic?NOW **** OFF!

Dont think you'll fucking get away with this you fucks, i know you used mine and Dimbs sprites from Ionizing and if you wont replace our guns you will get reported and your flash is going to fucking die, that i will make sure of. On another note, if i'd judge i can just say get the fuck off flash, cuz you cant animate for shit, not only does this lack a good name, good story, good animation, good art but it lacks almost everything a madness toon needs, try to be original you fuck. And will people get the fuck offa our sprites for gods sake.


nice trailer, but...is a little short, that's all.and hopefully worth waiting for that animation ;)

sorry but i think it has some movement bugs

walking was creepy and shootings were little bit bad sorry but i must give this
hope movie will be better.

It was alright

Which is more than I can say for most of the fan made madness stuff that gets posted on Newgrounds. Not really much I can say but a little of the animation was choppy, plus the "He Fighted" part. He fought*

potatoa responds:

Ok.. My English is not good I don't know that is "Fought". Now has changed :D
Thanks for your review!