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Screenshots made from Final fantasy dissidia, Crisis Core 3, 5, 7 and 9. Kingdom Hearts (Square Enix)
Also Skies of arcadia (Sega) Grandia (Game Arts) Suikoden (Konami) and Sola to robo (CyberConnect2)
Used from Star Wars (Lucas Arts)

Press Space to pause, enter to play, 1-6 to skip to chapters.

Well, here's a weird experiment I wanted to try at least once.
Usually I just type a 500 page lecture about my deconstruction of the game's plot, now I do it review style, whoo.
...Altough, technically, this is not a review. More of a deconstruction/ analysis of the plot.

No, I'm not ripping of Thatguy. It's more modeled after Plinkett/ Cracked.com if anything.

So 19 minutes of dissidia parody, plus 8 minutes or so review.
To make up for the Kingdumb Hearts Void.

As for the review. Err, it's probably something I'll only do once, I have no idea if people are capable of sitting trough me stumbling trough the english language for 10 minutes.
Or if these kinds of reviews are allowed on Newgrounds.

In hindsight, I would have made more sense to have This on the Coolape website and the sketches here.
Hmm. Ah well.


A very accurate analysis of the plotline (using that term loosely), the story is where i mainly don't see eye to eye with the game and is in need of the most constructive criticism.

I've noticed that in Dissidia when each character goes to find their crystal, it almost seems like you're repeating a dumbed down version of the original game, so in other words the storyline relys heavily on fanservice.

Putting the story aside, Dissidia can play out as a great fighter, there's a large amount of content considering it's a PSP game with some of the things like the Duel Colloseum, the Arcade mode, Online battles so in that sense it has good replay value, not to mention you don't have to force yourself to massively grind whilst playing. You can pick it up, perhaps do a couple of quick battles and spend 5, maybe 10 minutes playing and put it down again.

So to summarise, the story relys heavily on fanservice and is barely engaging to anyone looking for an actual plot, and even less engaging if you've played all the original games because you probably have a good idea of what sort of rehash they've concocted for each different "path". But the actual battle system is very flashy, it's fun if you want a short burst of gaming and it has a variety of content not found on alot of PSP games.

I just think Square Enix are just too lazy to write a decent storyline.

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This review> any ign review

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This is so true... Dissidia Final Fantasy and Super Smash Bros Brawl seem to be the fighting games with the worst plotlines. In SSBB, the characters we learned to love throughout Nintendo games just end up being trophies without history, without identity, just bond to fight forever. But it doesn't really matter because the story isn't very important and doesn't take 4 hours of cutscenes.
In Dissidia, the characters have a past, but they can't remember it, but it seems they do, or not, and you're freaking confused! I'm sure they could have made a good crossover.
Also, I think they have ruined the character of Terra, who I personally like. In Final Fantasy VI, she has doubts, but then she grows up and kicks Kefka's ass. In Dissidia, she does nothing but doubting and she needs to rely on an underage jerk (Onion Knight) to find the strenght to kick Kefka's ass...

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Brilliant! You did that in an entertaining and funny way. I actually laughed a bit and smiled and chuckeled often. It was clearly very well planned, thought out, and then executed. The art/animation wasn't perfect but practically everything else was so a very rare five stars.

The art and sound quality are my only negative points (English spelling errors don't count 'cause I can't spell worth beans and English is my native language HA!). If you can keep this going with the same quality and follow-through I'd follow your "reviews" like I do Egoraptor and the folks that make Extra Credits.

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your right... final fantasy disidia does not have a plot or goal... so this cool...

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