The Classic Snake game

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This is a snake game I coded up. I wanted to try out game programming and this is my first submission, the controls are easy. Use the keyboard arrow keys to go up/down/left/right. Eat the mice !

General Rules :

1. When you eat more and more mice the game goes faster and the mice are worth more points
2. There are bonus mice that give almost double points if you get them
3. You can go through the walls and come out the other side of them !
4. Once you hit your own body the game will end :(

I will hopefully make a new version of this game with sound effects and more powerups etc. if this one is successful !



Exactly what it says on the tin.

There are a few bugs: some spaces that don't show your body and aome mice that won't be eaten if you go through them the wrong way. Other than that, it's a pretty basic game.

One thing, why did you make the edges harmless? It seems too easy that way. Maybe you could make that a powerup or something.


there were many ways this could have been better. the controls are solid and the programming is fine, but those mice do not look like mice, and the game never tells you that they are mice. try not to put instructions in the description of a game because not everybody reads that. also the score is not aligned with the word 'score' and a background would have been great. just some things to consider

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besides the fact that you plan on adding more power ups and music how about a high score system maybe like a leader board also backgrounds and different game modes.

Not that good.

Way to simple. No audio, No music.

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1.68 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2012
4:08 AM EST
Action - Other