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Finding The Boogeyman

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Author Comments

Bah.. I really don't know what to say about this.. Just, enjoy.

And yes, you Australians do sound like this to us. Seriously, can't understand a thing.

EDIT: I forgot to add something, this animation was intended to make it's debut on Halloween. But I didn't get around to finishing it in time.

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lip syncing was a bit off on some spots. Voice acting could have been better. The storyline was ok, although, you should not have ended it with the black screen. That would only work if you heard screaming and slashing and such, where it would feel like it was meant to be censored. Overall those were the only big things. Your biggest flaw was actually in the voice acting, as it is a key player in this animation. The voice needs to fit the personality, like when the hunter becomes the boogieman the voice should have became more boogieman like. It should not have stayed the same. Another thing would be to add SoundFX for like the door squeaking and the bushes rustling. Although those are not necessary, it would have helped.

Anyways this animation was done rather well and I agree it does deserve a better score.

JonHunter responds:

Thank you, for taking time in doing what you just did.
I like it when I see some sort of response from the viewer.

Nah, the flaws you point out, is what makes the animation lack. Hence the low score.
Gotta work those things out for next time.

Thanks again =)

Nice work!

This, I believe marks the first time I've ever heard my music in a flash on NG. The story is pretty funny, as it turns out that the hunter himself is the real boogeyman.

I thought the voice(s) were at times almost overtaken by the music, but not too bad. The instances of the use of the music was okay, though there were a few animation/music ideas I had, that probably would've been even more effective for this.

It's funny, and it most likely would've had a better effect during the Halloween season. I wish you best of luck in your future works.


JonHunter responds:

Thank you, your music is good by the way. Flying Spider Colony is amazing, and I'm a bit sad that I didn't use it for something of value. Because it is a good track. I actually added it to my playlist for more relaxing music.

Well met, good luck with all your future endeavors!


I dont't know what i'm watching right now its like what I understand from this they're a boogeyman and that's a hunter (like a crocodile hunter) but whatever random nonsense at the end , I didn't understand at all , that was boring ?

I don't know the storyline or the plot was kinda lame , nothing happening except we know he is a boogeyman hunter , nothing extraordinary at the end just some lame black ?

The real good things about this was the drawing it was well-made and the sound and all was perfect but other than that it was downright boring !

No point at all.. ???

JonHunter responds:

It was a failure by me. I knew the ending sucked, I am well aware of that. I'm also aware that it fails to show itself for what it really was supposed to show itself as.

Either way this review helped me confirmed it completely, I think many people tried fooling me by saying that they understood this - but really didn't. Thank you.

Hey, good job.

Really not a bad animation, I think. The animation could have been a bit more polished in some parts (smoother, angles, etc.), but not a bad effort. I found the story line humorous, but the voices were kind of mumbled near the end, so it got kind of confusing.
Otherwise, good job. loved the irony.

JonHunter responds:

Thanks man, you're one of the few who got the point.
I'm really taking this in, I agree with you completely. Practice makes perfect, amiright?

Nice work

The stoyline however could've been expressed a little clearer and the same goes to the voices too. A simple storyline is best to animate, and as you've stated you did make it too hard for yourself to animate, but that is a risk you should be willing to take.

The score that was given is probably a little low in my opinion, but that's my opinion. You shall need not worry about the animation though, it's all about the process of learning.

The animation was good, although in some cases it could've been animated a little better/smoother, but once again, it all comes down to time and experience.

All and all, this was not a bad piece of animation, and you shouldn't pull your self-confidence in animating down because of the rating this animation was given.


Keep it up, you're getting better :)


JonHunter responds:

Thank you Sketchy =)
You're words are kind, and they motivate me continue. If I could rate reviews more than in one button, this one should have a 10/10.

Why? It's important that we motivate newcommers. And even though this is my (supposed) fourth animation, I still only consider it to be my second. I'm a newbie, and that's the harsh fact.

Thank you man!