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Hey, hey, hey, Newgrounds!

So, I've finally decided to make a full animated mlp music video. (Took about a week to make)
Here are som FAQs:
Yes, this was totally necessary.
No, I haven't read Cupcakes
Yes, I'm an animator at Hasbro
No, I don't know Lauren Faust, Steven Spielberg, etc (yet)
Yes, I'm know they shouldn't be able to grab things without any sort of opposable thumbs, etc

Check out my Youtube Channel and DeviantArt! ;D


It's like... Ren and Stimpy, MLP-FiM and awesome music... put into a blender then cloned. Not sure where I was going with this, but either way, it's bucking awesome!

LOL who needs sleep anymore?

I can't stop watching this, it's just awesome!
Yeah, maybe sounds a little creepy, but just listen (Well, read, Lol):
Yeah, lots of people made a version of this Fanfic using flash, so... what makes this version original?
1) It's full of colours and an animated BGM (Even if it talks about dying)
2) Some faces that Pinkie or Rainbow do are hilarious, and that makes it a funny Flash
3) MisterDavey didn't try to make this as the Fanfic says, and that makes it original, why? Very simple, he just knows that, in the story, Pinkie Pie kills Rainbow Dash to make cupcakes, but he didn't read the Fanfic, so he just made what came up to his mind thinking about that...
In resume, this is awesome!

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WHAT THE ****?!

well that was awesome wat was the name of that song

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Jan 14, 2012
6:31 PM EST
Comedy - Parody