Dangerous Route

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You can set your own traps to detain your opponent and win. There are 10 levels and 6 kinds of traps in the game.


1. Arrange your traps to make opponent's life harder.
2. Roll the dice to try your luck.
3. Hurry up: tornado will destroy your traps.

Types of traps:

+1: Moves one step forward.
-3: Moves 3 steps backward.
-5: Moves 5 steps backward.
Tube: Pass one turn.
Bomb: Moves to the start.
Skull: Instant death.

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too easy game

i love easy games good job

Not too bad.

Interesting concept, not enough to keep me interested for very long, however. It has a simple gameplay, but it almost seems like there is two parts luck and one part strategy to this.

its not for me

its agood game for someone that likes bored games


Kept me busy through part of half-time. Well made strategy game, setting your own traps keeps it from being just a roll of the dice, though the tornado is annoying when you get your traps just right :( Fun game, and short enough that it doesn't get repetitive. 10/10

A nice little board game

Well this is a new one. In this board game, the main gameplay mechanic is setting up traps which, if the opponent lands on them, will set them back in some manner. It's a simple and effective method of play that's very amusing to enjoy.

There's not much to say about games like these. When I say "board games," I don't mean it's got little tanks moving around and soldiers shouting but you control it with a board-like scheme. No, you're just moving tokens. A bit plain to be sure, but it makes more sense this way than if, say, we were controlling little prospectors which by some odd code of honor step backwards a ways if the opponent has a sign up telling them to.

I think a few criticisms would be fair. First, the big one: one of the spaces you can land on is instant death. The game is over and you lose. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. This isn't a HUGE problem, but I have noticed that not all the levels take measures to prevent players from pushing the opponent onto it with traps. The game is already difficult enough when one of the corner pieces ends it immediately in the opponent's favor without players, or indeed the AI, increasing the chances of that happening. Maybe I'm just a baby and board games aren't for me, but that's what I think.

Now, the more trivial complaints: the background music is alright, but after a while it gets intrusive. I'd suggest a quieter, more atmospheric soundtrack, perhaps with more songs. Still, it's a little game, so I don't make much of complaints like these.

Second, I'd like a full spelled-out list of the game rules in-game. Specifically, how passes work. This sounds silly, but I've noticed that if both the player and AI land on "pass" things will get a little confusing, like both players ending up with two turns anyway. On one notable occasion both I and my opponent kept landing on "pass" but at the end of it both of us got only one turn. Maybe this is something that makes more sense if you play more board games than I do.

But, again, these aren't huge complaints. The game is still fun to play, certainly something you could enjoy to kill some time. I'd definitely like to see this in multiplayer; after all, two tokens, two players. Seems logical to me.

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2.57 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2012
3:38 PM EST
Strategy - Other