Cherry Garcia

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So yeah, a lot of Youtubers watching 'goggles are sexy luis' had been quick to point out the signature quote in therealanimator's infamous post, so I made a quick animation about it.

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when is cherry garcia gonna be in stores? :D
cuz when it is ima buy some and feed it to a bunch of birds. they will enjoy what they get o.o
and stuff. so time to get to work XD

A memorable joke executed near-perfectly.

I enjoyed Luis's voice.

I'm a big fan of the brevity of this animation. No fluff, straight to the joke. You animated the reaction well and the concept is silly and amusing enough to merit a couple of watches.

I'm struggling to think of a criticism - it's possible that some folk might not notice the screenshot in the bg, so maybe you should have darkened the rest of the screen, leaving the diagonal slice around the relevant quote normal, to bring our attention to it. Tbh, I didn't notice it before clicking play - but I did have time to read the quote on the tub (but not the name).

Anyways, a great animation. Not a joke that had my sides splitting, but a memorable one executed near-perfectly.


Very good visuals, not my style of humor, but overall a good cartoon.

My Favorite

is Phish food too

More taking things literally I see.

Do have to wonder to who Luis would be an angel though.