Friendship is STILL Magic

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This is a sequel to Friendship is Magic Bitch.

If you enjoy this or the first animation, you should seriously consider checking out My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If not, you should seriously consider checking out My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

This is my 50th animation. Peace be with you this year, fellow Newgroundlings.



You're really talented. Egoraptor should be drooling to do a collab with you.

Whats With the Bananas Orbiting the Moon?

Oh my god yes!

I was a huge fan of your Professor Layton series and hoped you would do more. When I saw your other Friendship is Magic pony video, I thought it was the best thing you've done. I sent that to everyone I knew, and it became an inside joke with my brothers. On the mooooooon~~!!!

Imagine how psyched I was when I saw another "Friendship is Magic" animation on Newgrounds! I love your improvisational style of comedy; it's innovative and fresh for animation. You'd think animation would make improv impossible, but not only do you get it done, you make it hilarious.

I remember that I quoted your lines from Layton TODAY while watching a movie with my brother. I was watching Money-ball and quoted the lines about Baseball and "I wanna hear a story about... BAAAAAASE-BAAAAAALL". That's how awesome your stuff is. PLEASE do more Layton flash!

I hope to see a third Pony flash, and really hope that you include the other princess pony in that third one. Her character is hilarious when dealing with the twilight pony, and now with this flash, a third one involving both pony characters is a recipe for a hilarious flash.

By the way, how do you guys do the improv comedy with animation? Do you guys record the conversations beforehand using a small script as a general storyboard, then animate it around the voices? Well however you do it, I'm glad you do. You're one of the most original artists on Newgrounds, and I tell everyone that asks about animation to watch these if they wanna see Flash on Newgrounds. You belong in the list of the greats when it comes to Flash artists along with David Firth, Egoraptor, Alanthebox, Utah/Stamper, etc. I hope I see lots more in the future, and really hope you have lots more success as an animator. Cheers~!


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Skaijo responds:

Thank you very much for the kindness! I like Prof Layton as a series and MLP too. My humor it wonky for sure, but it's great when someone can laugh at it too. The humor in this animation is a lot like the kind in the Layton animation because the recording sessions had the same vibe. It's kind of improv, I just have one VA and he has a .doc file that has a bunch of lines I want him to say, then I edit the best takes into one file and we come up with a story to link the bits together. That's about it. Again, thank you very much for all the loving sentiments!

dispite the fact that all my friends are dead I still like bannanas

messed up shit there man!

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Jan 12, 2012
10:58 PM EST
Comedy - Parody