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Sup fags, here is more awesome flashes by the
clock crew, and every other crew are a bunch of
faggots who cry 2 they're momz when they get
there periods.

Join the Clock crew. Or risk being called a faggot.//

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You're not even in the clock crew you stupid shit, what the fuck is wrong with you and everyone who lets you live, you should have been smothered when you were a small child and I hope a rapist finds you and rapes you to death.
None of anything that you or anyone in the kitten (retard shit moron) crew is worth anything and you should all be killed in the most painful way possible or tortured for the rest of your pathetic and miserable lives for deluding yourselves into thinking your people.

CatSage responds:


Hey Spam Bot

Hello is anyone home?

Why do you delete my post and not the stuff they post? This clock crew continues to post vulgar and insensitive material that is not art by any stretch of the imagination. I am not the only user that post messages of dispersal on their submissions.

Read below on their replies to peoples comment on their junk is that appropriate?

CatSage responds:

my junk is appropriate, in your mothers mouth.//

Just go please

I`m waiting

CatSage responds:

I went, thank you for your encouragement.


Kinda boring i support Fjord83 there wasn't effort in this.
At least if you're going to submit something in the internet do it right.
O and P.S. 60% Of people who say that other people is homosexual or a fag. IS GAY.

CatSage responds:

So by that logic you are gay. faggot.


It really seems that there was no effort put into this submission.

CatSage responds:

it doesn't have to be full of effort. we are the clock crew
and you are a faggot.

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Jan 12, 2012
9:12 PM EST
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