Chuck the Sheep

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Chuck's done with the shears! He's ready to take off from the farm to fluff-safe lands. While he won't get far at first, Chuck is determined. But he needs your help! Launch him high and far using a variety of ship upgrades. Collect resources to build out new items. It's all up to you!

Programming by Jmtb02, Art by Jimp
Produced by Armor Games

Mouse to Launch, Arrow Keys/WASD to move


There were a couple issues I took to immediately. The kinds of things I've come to expect in a launch game of this style that were mishandled, really.

1) The controls. Awesome launch mechanic, but, once I gained control, the flight itself was squiffy. burning fuel to tilt up and down? I'm sorry, but every engine I've liked in a flight game has increased speed, not altered altitude. that and no matter how upgraded the engine is, you still start out at a paltry 5 mph and crawl through the numbers like you got a ball and chain tied to your one good arm.

2) Resources. Loved having several pools to upgrade from, instead of one big 'money' pool. But come on, you seriously made it necessary to strike things that injure my plane in order to collect resources that would help me improve the plane. Counter intuitive, much? That and in order to get a third of the resources, you had to, HAD TO hug the ground, so why have a 100,000 foot altitude ceiling when I spent half my time in the low thousands? the other third, I only noticed gains through leveling and resource cards, so thankfully, those were the ones I only needed about a thousand of all told.

3) Leveling itself. Okay, quests to gain XP, in order to gain levels, which only give a 200 count boost to one resource. I was with you up until that last part of the sentence. Come on, Leveling has been ingrained in minds to give avatar strength, not the arrival of a delivery truck.

4) The upgrade system. Boosters are broken. That's, the bottom line, really. Sure, buying the other things make resource collection easier, but the boosters, once that's maxed out, you're 75% of the way home. That and no matter how upgraded something is, it takes two hits to break, and armor barely helps when you really get into it. With the density of the mines and birds and windmills and all sorts of nasties. Crashing didn't feel like the end of a good run, it felt like a robbery when half my fuel tank and three boosters were still available to this sheep rolling across the ground into yet another owl. that and it breaks randomly. if the wheels and booster go first, you hardly notice, but if the fuel tank drops off first, say good night Irene!

5) Exchanges. With the resources, a great idea, it felt good, and it helped me take my 8,000 water and turn it into wood and food when I needed it. Awesome touch. Issue came from having 3,000 cloth by the end of it and having literally nothing I could do with it. Already upgraded all the cloth-needing things, I wanted steel, but couldn't do it. What I'm saying there is that every resource in an exchanger should have both a 'to get' and a 'to make' option. Even if you just add to the recipes four anything for one something else.

You have a really nice game, and I'm not disputing the ratings, but this really did feel like it fell apart in all the wrong places for me. Some things were fresh, but the rest were either staler than gingerbread houses in July or mishandled. Big fan of you guys, I've played everything JMTB02 has made. I just felt it would be a disservice if these things were left unsaid.

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chuck norris the sheep. the sequel

The game's awesome, the music is pretty good, actually. It can get easy to get to the end, but the quests make up for it. Anyway, I think I foung a bug. Whenever I lose speed after losing some parts and I try to use the boost, Chuck starts flying in reverse with negative speed.

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I like launch games, and this one does not disappoint.


Spot-on, really. Nothing bad to say about it, it handles well.


Good, solid, colorful and fun, what more do you need?


Quirky and silly, but these are not bad things. You're flying a sheep, the music is both quirky and grand, perfect for a sheep flying game.


I love the innovative new upgrade system you brought here. The materials and card system are interesting and a great way to handle what's now standard in these games.

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4.35 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2012
6:34 PM EST
Action - Other