Chuck the Sheep

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Chuck's done with the shears! He's ready to take off from the farm to fluff-safe lands. While he won't get far at first, Chuck is determined. But he needs your help! Launch him high and far using a variety of ship upgrades. Collect resources to build out new items. It's all up to you!

Programming by Jmtb02, Art by Jimp
Produced by Armor Games

Mouse to Launch, Arrow Keys/WASD to move


Entertaining game, but with some flaws

- It's way too easy, you can just upgrade the booster, keep shift pressed and watch the game while it almost completes itself.
- There are some bugs, somehow I managed to go backwards when I was out of fuel, which allowed me to go outside the boundaries and break the counter by going under 0 ft. Also, if you hit shift when the booster gets destroyed you can still use the boosts even if the counter says "0".
- About the graphics, the background often looks cutoff, and if you pause during an animation it keeps repeating itself. Sometimes it's hard to see obstacles because they blend with the background, or because of the "thing destroyed" pop-up, which at the maximum height hides even Chuck. Besides this, it looks great.
- It's funny how touching a little harmless bird destroys the armor, while smashing a whole tree doesn't even result in a scratch.
- The 100th mission is broken. How am I supposed to complete Magma Flats if I've already beaten the game?
Besides these flaws it's a funny and addicting game, and I really liked the upgrade system, even if the booster makes finding resources too easy. Try to fix the bugs and it will be an awesome game.

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Entertaining and exciting!

The story was funny, the art was great, the music fantastic and every time i pulled off a perfect spin on the roulette it made me feel like a super badass!
Great work on this to everyone who was involved!

Cool and thanks

My only complaint is I got up to 99 quests done and would not let me get the last one for some un known reason " Finish all quests and complete Magma Flats"Oh well still fun though

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Sleep? I remember that

jmtb02, I hate you for being so good. You couldn't make a bad game if you actually tried.

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The story is adorable and fun. The art is nice and the sound effects are great.
The only problem I have is that some of the obstacles often blend in with the background or the objects that you try to collect.
For instants the blue birds blend in with the water droplets and the white birds blend in with the cloudy background. Overall I say that is a very addictive and fun game :)

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4.35 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2012
6:34 PM EST
Action - Other