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Deamons Dawn Trailer

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Author Comments

this is a anime series i am planning to do. now the half daemon half human. will be good. i just wanted to show you a crappy fight scene. If you people like. i give more with better plot.


I dunno

It was kinda short
I mean it was good and all but... yeah i just dunno
the shadows didn't work il tell you that
good job

Ps: nice team song =D

JoltMasta responds:

thank you for being so humble to my terrible early work. even tho the animation was terrible people seemed to almost enjoy it . maybe i should pick this series back up again with the knowledge that i know now in flash

Kinda Cool.

That was pretty cool, good plot and I liked the animation. Good job man.

JoltMasta responds:

your too kind. if i had a team of animators, then im sure everyone would agree with you. again too kind. even i think it sucked now

Not bad...Better than average,but,good overall.

Pretty good for something so short.

JoltMasta responds:

thank you very much

nice story line very nice

but i have to agree on the animaion and such. its hard to draw on a computer then it is on paper but yah i like it just make it a little longer though, very nice...

JoltMasta responds:

heh thanks. very old work tho, if i chose to continue the series. the animation would be better


good storyline but bad animation

JoltMasta responds:

well if i was offered a second chance i'd try harder on the animation. story would be more in depth, and there would be more flashbacks. it was suppose to be about a creature that moved through time and can never be accepted... it sounds better in my head.

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2.91 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2002
12:53 AM EDT
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