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Sling Baby

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Fire away! Sling Baby needs your help grabbing his precious cargo from the bully. Adapted from the hit commercial, Sling Baby, available online for viewing and voting!

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In launch 12 complete.

I don't remember the tree-house being that far away in the commercial...

Are those...NACHOS!?!?!?!?

A pretty good timewaster

This is a really fun, yet funny game. I love the idea of this game. This is an extremely addictive game, and I love the little baby sound he makes when he lands on the ground and stops. If you don't catch on to the concept of the game, then I'll tell you right now.
There was a baby and his brother. The baby's brother was on this little playground and he teased the little baby. The baby got mad and set up a slingshot. The baby grabbed the Doritos form his brother's hands and smiled after he landed.

To Thecraz100 and others who are having difficulty playing, there is a button on the bottom-right corner that says "LAUNCH SLING BABY." Click that button and you'll be playing!


The idea at the beginning was kinda fun but it was only random scenery of clouds with dull chips and always the same jump that make you higher...

The good thing is that you put money to buy upgrade and all but it was kinda boring to do the same shit over and over , im not a great fan of Toss or whatever games... Its kinda boring and always the same...