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Abobo's Big Adventure

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Jan 11, 2012 | 10:59 AM EST
  • Frontpaged February 4, 2012
  • Weekly Users' Choice January 18, 2012
  • Daily Feature January 12, 2012

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Auto-Assault 5 Points 07 - Get Machine Gun
Bad Call 5 Points 02 - Choose any incorrect option with Annie the Mermaid
Ballooney 5 Points 05 - Pick up an extra balloon
Call A Plumber 5 Points 02 - Escape the Mario pipe
Child Chomper 5 Points 01 - Eat kid
Choices 5 Points 00B - Use level select
Familiar Shape 5 Points 04 - Get the map
Fiery Fury 5 Points 07 - Get Flame Gun
Fighting Chance 5 Points 03 - Let Urban Champ guy punch you
Fish Food 5 Points 02 - Get eaten by a robo-fish
Idiot 5 Points 04 - Stab a Bob-Omb
Lazertagged 5 Points 06 - Get hit by a laser
Lemming Lunacy 5 Points 07 - Get Lemmings Gun
Merbobos 5 Points 02 - Choose wisely with Annie the Mermaid
Never Give Up 5 Points 00E - Use a continue
No Mercy 5 Points 03 - Execute the Fatality move
Run Abobo, Run! 5 Points 01 - Execute a dash move (shoulder block or jump kick)
Soap On A Dope 5 Points 07 - Kill showering guy
Spread The Love 5 Points 07 - Get Spread Gun
Where To? 5 Points 04 - Get the compass
Acid Bath 10 Points 08 - Watch Little Mac win in 3rd round by decision
Beardy Basher 10 Points 01 - Defeat Beardy Barrel
Bigger Boat 10 Points 02 - Defeat Jaws
Blocktorock 10 Points 04 - Block an Octorock's projectile rock with your shield
Bloody Bobo 10 Points 00F - Watch abobo get sawed to death on continue screen
Bombs Away 10 Points 07 - Use Rage move on level 7
Bonkers 10 Points 05 - Bonk Amazon on the head before he spits slime blobs at you
Death Blossom 10 Points 05 - Use Rage move on Level 5
Flurry Frag 10 Points 04 - Kill all the flurries in the lion key room
Have A Seat 10 Points 05 - Use a chair on the Amazon
Icy Escape 10 Points 07 - Break out of ice after being frozen
Ironic 10 Points 01 - Hit beardy barrel with a barrel
Mega Blast 10 Points 06 - Use Rage move on level 6
Patience 10 Points 00A - Watch full intro rising up to main menu
Police Patrol 10 Points 03 - Wait long enough for a cop car to drive by
Poor Aboboy 10 Points 00D - Watch the whole intro where Aboboy is kidnapped
Pro Wrestler 10 Points 05 - Do each of your slam moves at least once in the match
Projectile Power 10 Points 04 - Regain your throwing sword or throwing beef after losing it
Punchy Power 10 Points 08 - Use Rage move on level 8
Pushy 10 Points 04 - Push a not-so-secret block
Reap This 10 Points 05 - Bonk Reaper on head before he summons mini-reapers
Reaper Runner 10 Points 05 - Avoid mini-reapers without getting hit by them
Risky 10 Points 05 - Jump off the top rope
Robopopped 10 Points 07 - Kill Robocop
Rocky Rage 10 Points 01 - Use Rage move on level 1
Slowpoke 10 Points 04 - Get turned into a snail
Spiffy Supporter 10 Points 00C - Click our donate button & consider showing your support
Super Slash 10 Points 04 - Use Rage move on Level 4
The Code 10 Points 07 - Use the Contra Code properly
Typhoon Time 10 Points 02 - Use Rage move on level 2
Walk On Water 10 Points 04 - Get the ladder
Waste Not 10 Points 01 - Throw kid body
A Winner Is Me 25 Points 05 - Defeat the Amazon with your Rage move
Abobo Appetizers 25 Points 02 - Eat at least 50 enemies
Anger Issues 25 Points 04 - Clear 20 rooms of all enemies
Bloody Chum 25 Points 02 - Defeat Big Daddy Boss
Chair Massacre 25 Points 05 - Use all four chairs on the Amazon
Die Dragon Die 25 Points 04 - Kill Aquamentus
Fooled You 25 Points 01 - Knock boss off conveyer belt
Forklift Foul 25 Points 01 - Defeat boss
Kong Punt 25 Points 01 - Punt Donkey Kong Jr.
Krang Bang 25 Points 07 - Destroy Krangby
Mac Attack 25 Points 08 - Knock down Little Mac twice in round 1
Manhandled 25 Points 04 - Kill Manhandla
Mega Mashed 25 Points 06 - Defeat Megabobo
Mmm Beefy 25 Points 04 - Get the beef
No Fatty Pop 25 Points 04 - Survive after being inflated by Dig Dug
Skynet Stopper 25 Points 06 - Defeat Robobobo
Turtle Power 25 Points 07 - Defeat Krang
Balloon Master 50 Points 05 - Survive the Balloon Fight level without dying once
Barf-O-Rama 50 Points 07 - Kill giant Kirby
Champ 50 Points 08 - Defeat Little Mac in round 1
Elderly Execution 50 Points 04 - Beat Boss (without beef)
Extra Abobo 50 Points 06 - Pick up an extra life
It's So Bad 50 Points 08 - Put on the Power Glove and defeat Little Mac
Meatspin 50 Points 04 - Beat Boss (with beef)
Mega Master 50 Points 06 - Survive Megabobo level without dying once
Super Soldier 50 Points 07 - Survive first Contrabobo level without dying once
War Hero 50 Points 07 - Survive second Contrabobo level without dying once
Balloon Jedi 100 Points 05 - Survive the Balloon Fight level without being hit
Contrabobo God 100 Points 07 - Survive both Contrabobo levels without dying once
I'm The Greatest 100 Points 08 - Defeat Little Mac without being knocked down at all
Bloodsport Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Jason Lives Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
No Filming Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Surf's Up Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Duck Hunted Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Friendly Foes Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Headbanger Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Luckdragon Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Sneaky Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Thanks Doc Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Another Castle Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Bobo Battle Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Double Trouble Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Fire Bad! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Kill The Messenger Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Best Ending Evar Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Private Party Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Thriller Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

There is a known Internet Explorer browser bug which makes some keys stick when pressed. We promise the problem is not in our game itself, but it's something you can fix if you search for "Internet Explorer Flash Sticky Keys" OR simply use another browser like Firefox. Again, this is not a problem with the code in our game, so if you're experiencing this problem, try one of the aforementioned solutions. Thanks!


GAME SAVE = Automatic! Use level select from main menu for saved levels
"A + S" KEYS = EXECUTE RAGE MOVE (when "Rage-O-Meter" is full)
"P" = Pause
"M" = Return to main menu at any time!
If you're stuck on the zelda room with dig dug, the block in the middle is sparkling for a reason!
Abobo's Big Adventure is a project that we have been working on for YEARS as a true labor of lovewith one goal in mind: To create the ultimate tribute to the NES! This gargantuan 8-bit parody game is made for the fans by the fans, and now you finally have the chance to control the angriest character in the known universe - Abobo!

The story is simple - Abobo's son (Aboboy) has been kidnapped and now it's up to you to help Abobo fight his way through some of the greatest NES games of all time in order to rescue him. This isn't your average 8-bit parody game either... not only is each level a completely different game in which Abobo takes on the characteristics of the main protagonist, but enemies from a wide variety of *other* games appear on each level too! Imagine you could put every NES game ever made into a blender and that's basically what you're dealing with here in the form of a huge Flash game.

We've added in a ton of custom artwork, cutscenes, new rage moves on each level, huge boss battles, secrets, and a whopping 100 medals for you to unlock! In addition to that, we've created what we consider to be the most satisfying ending of any game you'll ever see. Sure, on classic NES games they often rewarded you with a simple "Congratulations! Game Over." after you spent hours working your way towards the end. That's not the case here - we've worked up one big ending that you'll remember for the rest of your life! Plus, when you beat the game, you'll unlock even more goodies to play with!

You'll also be happy to learn that we've created a convenient Level Select screen which automatically unlocks levels as you beat them. You don't have to beat the game in one sitting... you can always come back and use the Level Select to pick up right where you left off. You can also use it to replay any level if you need to try to unlock additional medals that you missed out on during your first play-through.

Last but not least, if you enjoy this massive game project of ours, please consider making a donation to our indie cause. We've put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this game (mainly because Abobo kept punching us throughout its development), so your donations would be greatly appreciated and will go towards our creating future games and/or paying our hospital bills from Abobo's constant beatings. PLUS - as a token of our appreciation, anybody who makes a donation will also receive a free copy of our 100% original new mini-game, Aboboy's Small Adventure!

In closing, we'd like to thank all of our friends, families, and Newgrounds for their unwavering support over the years as we've continued to work on this huge project. It really meant the world and helped us make Abobo's Big Adventure something truly special. It's hard to imagine that this project started out all the way back in 2002... Abobo sure has come a long way with his angry fists. Thanks for playing our game and making this 8-bit dream come true.

-Team Bobo m



Rated 5 / 5 stars

*WARNING - Some Spoilers Ahead*

What can I say that others have not said? This looks astounding, guys - it's clear you put a lot of effort into it. I can only imagine how much of a nightmare it must have been, coding each separate level and creating custom sprites and such. The end result is a beautiful tribute to the NES.

Gameplay is suited to each title as it was back on the NES - to critique each one would be time-consuming and rather pointless. On the whole it was very good, sometimes improving on the old titles a little! No game is flawless, however... not even a compilation of excellent games such as this one. The issues with this one do not lie in the gameplay, controls, the music, the art... No, all of that is great and they work just as I expected them to.

The few complaints I have are (for lack of a better word) "technicalities". I know it took a long time to make this, so don't fret! The issues are real minor. For starters, I know it might detract from the overall "feel" of this tribute a little, but it would be nice if you added an option in the Pause Menu to return to the Main Menu. The Refresh button works but sitting through the opening adverts and such is a bit annoying.

Also, for the slow people out there who need time to figure things out (i.e., me), it would be most appreciated if you let us examine the controls at our leisure on the Pro Wrestling and Punch-Out levels, and let us skip them when we choose. They went by on their own before I had memorized them! I managed Punch-Out fine since I was familiar with the game, but I had never played Pro Wrestling and I had to resort to lame punching tactics to win since that's all I could figure out how to do reliably.

The one other gripe I have is the Level Select screen. This one is REALLY small; after all, I love the tribute to Mega Man and the appropriate level names. It's very nicely done! The only minor problem is that some levels are linked, like Balloon Fight/Pro Wrestling and the two Contra stages - to play one you have to beat the other first, so the whole "choose what level you want to play" thing is kind of negated. I can understand if you choose not to alter it, though, since as it stands right now the Mega Man menu looks really cool, and eight levels fit on it perfectly.

All those text boxes and it starts to look like my rating is a mistake! But I assure you, everything else is beautifully done. The lack of comment on it is because I am speechless; nothing really needs to be said about how great it all is, being able to revisit the past in such a manner! And the medals are numerous enough that I'm still gonna be at this for a while... And, of course, the fact that this was FREE and not store-bought makes it all the sweeter. Knowing that, I can't be too hard on it... especially since it's a wonder to behold. Kudos to all of you!

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Abobo responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game! To address some of your suggestions:

1) While we can't add a reset button from within the game at this point, you CAN skip all of that intro stuff after refreshing the browser. Just hit the "A" button and it'll instantly take you to the title screen without having to sit through the logos/intro stuff.

2) We'll look into possibly allowing people to examine the controls before Pro Wrestling & Punch-Out before the matches begin.

3) We're definitely not changing the Level Select screen for obvious reasons, but you actually can skip the Balloon Fight level and go straight to the Pro Wrestling match if you press Pause when it starts and then hit the "1" key.

Hope this helps and thanks for the nice review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is the best game ive ever played...AWESOME!

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

BIT games arent cool for me anymore.

Very boring.
only button mashing
But I realized it had more than just button mashing fighting
and that is kinda fun.
But the placement of the sound effects in the cutscenes are terrible
and I am aware you arent trying to make a 100% authentic NES game
but there shouldnt be a use for the mouse
and there shouldnt be SNES references
Im sorry you worked so hard on this but I found it very boring and cliche.
I guess it was neat to see the cameos through

Abobo responds:

Very weird review:
"Only button mashing" ---> "It had more than just button mashing" ??? ok which one is it?
"Placement of sfx in cutscenes are terrible" how is that, would you rather have the sounds NOT timed to the action?
"Shouldn't be use for the mouse" - None of the games require the mouse and none of the menus require the mouse
Overall I consider this a jealous troll review.
Call em as I see em.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic Game

But I have only one complaint. Don't worry, it isn't anything major... But when you punch off Little Mac's head, and it goes flying through the games. When it got the Castlevania 2, you should have had the head stop mid flight as it transitioned to night time, THEN continued going once the transition was finished. Apart from that though, everything else was perfect.

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Abobo responds:

Ha ha, that is an excellent idea! Wish we'd thought of that!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


There was more then one flash back from my childhood NES games. It kept me wanting more!

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