Sol: Clockwork- Part 1

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Lore of the Land 5 Points

Listen to the Alchemist's legends.

Marksman 5 Points

Perfectly execute a bow attack.

Start the Clock 5 Points

Restore the flow of time to normal.

Swordsman 5 Points

Perfectly execute a melee combo.

The Adventure Begins... 5 Points

Follow the kidnappers into the graveyard.

The Best Offense... 5 Points

Defeat any low-level enemy without taking any damage.

Touche! 5 Points

Perfectly execute a parry.

Yer a Wizard! 5 Points

Perfectly execute a magic attack.

Master Defender 10 Points

Defeat any high-level enemy without taking any damage.

Undefeated 25 Points

Complete the game without dying.

Untouchable 25 Points

Defeat a boss without taking damage.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

WASD: Move
SPACE: talk/interact
CURSOR: navigate menus


Fair in every respect

This game is solid in every aspect, the graphics, music and gameplay are all good. I ran into no bugs or glitches. The biggest problem with this game for me is that it simply it isn't very fun. It lacks the humor of other RPGs, or the more intricate in depth mechanics of other ones. The story is more or less uninteresting and there is virtually zero character development at all. So while all the pieces of the game fit together, hence why I am giving it a solid 7 score, it just ends up being not worth the trouble.

It's games like these where it's somewhat difficult to give the author good advice. Everything works as intended...but it just needs a little more spice or "fun factor" to really make this game outstanding. The potential is there and maybe with future games we will see it, but I would love to see this series become truly extraordinary, so far however, it's somewhat derivative.

One more thing, please don't give bosses heals, it's truly obnoxious having to just hope the boss AI chooses to be stupid and let you win. It's not satisfying beating a boss who could have easily saved himself with another heal after he has done so like 10 times before hand (no exaggeration). If the boss is meant to have lots of HP then just give him that much, it's just frustrating constantly getting him low just for him to heal himself back up.

Overall: Good work, but try to be more creative and immersive. Dive into character development, give us a world that both can and is is desired to be explored. Until then... a solid 7.

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Good game

I liked it, blocking seemed a bit arbritrary at times, but maybe i'm just not that good.
Found a wierd bug, do not click parry if an enemy (Dekkamek) is using a 2 part attack, you just get stuck in some wierd staring match for all eternity

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good adventure game, but could be better:

why not using the space bar instead of the mouse to skip text?

why does a smith only sell swords? he could sell at least a better shield/bow too.

something to change the quality would be nice because it is slow on my pc.

the earth spell didnt heal me and i used it right.

why not using wasd or the arrow keys for traveling and then using space bar to confirm that you want to enter this location/area?

still a very good game, but you need to train a lot because if you miss to hit space bar you didnt block. or you need to buy many apples.

Nice game overall, but requires improvements

This prologue is nice, the combat system of the game is nicely done and enemies are challenging without being too hard. As this is a prologue, I guess there will be more items to shop and more varied enemies in the incoming episodes, because they are not very varied here. About gameplay, the big default is that most skills require lightning reflexes to be executed nicely, and this is really, really hard to get the timing at the beginning.
Graphics are nice, the BGM and sound effects are very good too.
However I spotted two bugs in the game :
- When an enemy's HP reach 0 after a parry, it doesn't die until I use another random attack. I got this bug when facing the clockswork-mini, that evades melee attacks and is unaffected by arrows, but only uses melee attacks, thus can only be harmed by parries and magic.
- Spectral Ray deals undefined damage and one-shoots any foe. This bug needs to be fixed in the next episodes of the game or it will ruin everything.

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A decent game but flawed.

Lemme just write this review in point form to be quick.
1. Graphics: Simplistic but clean. However, animations are very lacking. Given the size of the characters on the screen, having more animations would have really helped to make them feel less like cardboard cutouts with a dialogue box.

2. Sound: Good quality music, but the actual sounds have nothing particularly noteworthy. I don't consider no voices as a downside, but the game does feel awfully quiet overall.

3. Gameplay - Overworld: Standard flash RPG fare in walking around, but this prologue is noticeably lacking in things to do. No items to pick up in the overworld? There is very little in way of exploration except for this-path-to-next-plot-point. The story isn't exactly all that interesting as well, and the way the backstory is told by the alchemist sounds like drunk nonsense rambling rather than something helpful to be listening to. There's that strange unwalkable section in the library which implies a secret door, but that area may be for another part. The world does feel kind of dead, like a painting that's there just so you have something to walk around on, but I guess that's because it's set in a village out in the middle of nowhere (will the next parts be more lively?). I do like the avoidable enemies though, random battles are just bad form in 2012. I think the way the Blood Thistle catches you is a neat idea as well, although it may be a -wee- little too easy to avoid them.

4. Gameplay - Combat : The system attempts to make a turn based system more interactive, but the timing for the melee attacks is extremely unforgiving. The prompt pretty much comes as soon as you should already be pressing, so it is completely unhelpful in helping you time your button presses. The bow was by far a more reliable source of damage, which means that buying the other weapons is a very big gamble unless you were very good with the timing. Same thing with dodging attacks, although I guess it is easier to do that since you only have to get the first press right. Magic is more forgiving than melee, although I guess everything is more effective than melee. I will say that I like the differentiation in how all the attacks are handled by the player, but it is still somewhat poorly executed.
The lack of a keyboard control for the combat menu makes it clunky for right-handers with right-hand mice, since they'll have to keep switching back and forth with their best hand. Overall, the combat just feels like a chore to be done with while walking to the next plot point rather than being anything exciting.

5. Gameplay - Bugs: I did not encounter any gamebreaking bugs, but there is one absolutely combat-breaking bug that I did find. The spell Spectral Ray does not do any kind of normal damage, but whatever it does instead causes the enemies health to be set to "NaN" (not a number), AKA insta-death. It doesn't even need to be charged to do that, just tap the spacebar. Given that I was already bored // frustrated with the combat system in general by the time I got spells, I just bought a load of MP restoring items from the shop, and Spectral Ray'd everything away, including the two bosses.
Please check your coding and playtest your game fully next time before uploading.

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3.76 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2012
1:49 AM EST
Adventure - RPG