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Sol: Clockwork- Part 1

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Lore of the Land 5 Points

Listen to the Alchemist's legends.

Marksman 5 Points

Perfectly execute a bow attack.

Start the Clock 5 Points

Restore the flow of time to normal.

Swordsman 5 Points

Perfectly execute a melee combo.

The Adventure Begins... 5 Points

Follow the kidnappers into the graveyard.

The Best Offense... 5 Points

Defeat any low-level enemy without taking any damage.

Touche! 5 Points

Perfectly execute a parry.

Yer a Wizard! 5 Points

Perfectly execute a magic attack.

Master Defender 10 Points

Defeat any high-level enemy without taking any damage.

Undefeated 25 Points

Complete the game without dying.

Untouchable 25 Points

Defeat a boss without taking damage.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

WASD: Move
SPACE: talk/interact
CURSOR: navigate menus

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Nice game, but you should make sure that the game can be navigated with a comfortable combination of keys, this "walk with the same hand you interact" is a horrible thing. Plus you should avoid mouse usage if possible

Just what we need: another game that's strictly for the left-handed and ambidextrous. The other seventy percent will most likely come here and then leave when they realize their bad hands are required to maneuver the character for most of the game.

great game but you should put all the episods in on game

The game is nice but there are lots of bugs. It should be repaired.

I think the combat was something that could have been done better. If you want to see a "button-press combat" that works, look at Legend of Dragoon for the PS1. Not saying you have to be up to the same standard, but it's just a source of possible inspiration for your next game.

Graphics were ok, could have been better.

I had a hard time setting my spells, because I wasn't sure which ones did what. Maybe if you had a spell explanation, like "Does light fire damage" or something, it would be better.

With all that said, I enjoyed the experience, and I hope to see part two soon. :)