Carrot Hunt

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Yay, another game finished!

Some already said the time thing is annoying. But I would love some helpful feedback to improve.



I skipped a few levels in the middle with the tab button, to be honest, so if you want people to really go through the game, try to deactivate that possibility.
The Level with 33 gave me a hard time. I thought it's a really hard puzzle, since there were 32 carrots on the screen and the numbers showed up as 32. Btw, if you click on a few of the bottom row carrots there, you get thrown two levels back - try to fix that please, it's quite annoying!
Overall it was fun. The difficulty is really jumping around a lot, but because of the hard levels, it makes fun (at least for me). It seems like a game that's good to play with parents and kids, since the parents can have a hard time at the more advanced levels, while the kid can have a bit of success solving the other ones.
For only ten levels I don't see why it's necessary to make up a level select screen. It's fine like it is.
This is also a good mouse-control trainer. It requires a fluent handling of your cursor.
Of course this is not an overall good entry, but it's not meant to be. For what it's meant to be, it's perfect, and I had a fun little time with it. Thank you!

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So, the infamous level 2 wasn't that bad. In fact I had a much harder time with level 1. Instructions would be Nice. I punked out at level six Is there a was to stop the waves? or is it a timing thing? incredibly hard. The art is beautiful. But the game is way hard. That's not really a bad thing but the levels should ramp up from easy to OH MY GOD! WHY AM I STILL PLAYING!? But the difficulty seems to jump around. It seems like it would be a great kids game, but if that was the intention then it is way to hard. The music is adorable.

Cute but a little annoying...

Your game looks nice and has a very smooth and fitting soundtrack, but most people will quit after loosing to level 2 the second time. An unlockable level-select or a 'retry level' button would be a huge improvement. Especially younger players, who seem to be this games target-audience, don't have the kind of patience to replay each and every level each time they want to retry higher levels.

Speaking of "higher levels": For review-purposes I tried to find the carrot in level 2 so that I could write something about the design of higher levels, but in 8 tries I couldn't find it and gave up.

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The music is really good, however, some of the challenges allot for absolutely no time to be wasted.

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2.48 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2012
11:05 PM EST