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Jan 10, 2012 | 5:18 PM EST

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UPDATE: Front page! Awesome!

What's up Newgrounds! Gahd Damn it's been a hot minute.

I haven't uploaded anything for a while because I was making an animated feature. Can't wait to be able to show that one off.

This is a short we made not to long ago that I wanted to share with the NG community. I know I haven't been as active on the site but I still come here nearly every day to check out any new cartoons. As always the talent and creativity that bleeds from this little spot on the web continues to amaze me.

If you like our work be sure to follow us on youtube, facebook and all that other social media gobbledegook.
Keep on rockin'

-Jon Etheridge
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they say
would u like a membership blah blah blah so anoying i just dont even get a game sometimes


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Really now? But on the other side...

I read the comments and a wide range of them seem to be bashing the "places" on an extremely self biased opinion. But what about the other side?

I worked at one of these places around 3 years ago or so. And I can see why some people place a personal ban on them. It does suck sometime. But do you think we like doing that annoying crap? It takes up so much time, people are waiting in line, and then we have to spit this spiel. Yes, I know it's frustrating and a portion of the time truly unwanted. But it is what it is: a JOB. That we HAVE to do to get PAID to make a LIVING for ourselves.

"I hate when they do this" and "They do blah blah and it's so annoying" Well, it's annoying to us too. But we have to do it to keep our job. They secret shop us like hell, so we have no idea which person is the one evaluating you on what or how you're saying things, and if blah of bleh was recommended. If you work at the place long enough you start to know your customer base, and if you shop there long enough you'll come to find us starting to ask less and less, because we know you're legit, and we don't have to pester you with that dribble anymore.

At best it's a "Hey man, welcome back. Need help with something today? No? Alright, just lemme know if you need assistance." And boom, that's about it. I understand where this video is coming from though. It's very funny, and yes very true. The animation is smooth, and the background was very amusing to me (but that may just be me > .>) and it made me laugh my arse off on how spot on some of the stuff was from other places I have seen. So I came down to rate and found all this hate.

Really? Well I can't say sorry if you'd had a bad personal experience with one of the stores. It's the same everywhere. You work at Clothing store? How much clothes can you get this person to get? You work at a restaurant? Super friendly service hoping for at least a tip at all, or if you're some form of commission you're trying to tack on appetizers or desserts. Retail, it's all the same thing. They're no different. Hell, the place I go to now did the exact same thing until I gave them the firm no's. And that's the thing. If they ask, just say no repeatedly. It's not like it's going to hurt; it may take a bit of time and may be exasperating, but just let them do their thing, it's over, you pay, you got your game, boom, leave.

"Oh but it's so inconvenient to do rawr rawr" then personal ban like some of our commenters. I respect their decisions and comments, but I just felt that they should know what's going through the minds of the people behind the counter as well. They don't want to do it as much as you don't want them to. But they have to to get their paycheck, pay rent/bills, and buy food to get by like everyone else does in order to live. It's how the world works. I'm sorry for the long rant, and if this is thumbed down or whatever that is fine. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, who commented before or is currently reading this, but I just had to get this out. Have an open mind when you go to places like these. You'd be surprised on how you take things with much more stride when you deal with associates. (And yes, I know there ARE some associates out there who TRY and VERY HARDLY to be salesman like the man in the video. And I feel bad for the customers who have to deal with them. They are dicks and are robotic. But some of us do it because we have to xD)

Anyway, great job on the video good sir and keep up the good work. I look forward to more and sorry once again for leaving such a monster on this page.

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Oh how true

exact reason why i either circumnavigate everything online using a few different links, or go to the one store near me where its the same two guys working in it every-time, who don't (surprisingly) do this, they do the suggested, hell, i have to start a conversation about a game with them half the time, if they aren't already talking about one

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True facts, yo.

Happens to me every time. Also, I hate it when they try tell you spoilers about the game and make you buy new versions of it. "Oh, well, I like that game, but *insert name here* is soooo much better, and you should buy it!" Hate it.
And don't get me started on all the other shit they've done.

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LMFAO - Because this is what I do, all day

I work in a game store here in the UK and we do this LOL - No spamming emails though XD


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