Stellar hunter 2

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Use mouse to catch the stars, catch as much stars as you can.
Pass 50 beautiful levels


Would be a nice game

If there was challenge... Boomshine was very relaxing. It took thought and strategy though, which made it fun to play. With this game you just hover your cursor across the screen until you win; no time limit, no obstacles, no nothing.

Not for me

Windows 95 Screensaver comes to mind very basic game considering this day and age unless its a first attempt.

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It isn't relaxing... and I muted the music and listened to Immediate Music - We dissolve in stars.
I think it did better the trick (of course I think you can't use it).

But I liked the idea (:

Haxing the music.

Very nice and relaxing for an unnuanced game. There's a cute idiosyncrasy - mute and unmute, and the loop it was on before the mute button was hit will stick when you unmute.

Please DON'T fix that or at least put in a music selector if you do. That's an awesome programming error, I love that constant rhythm of bouncing minor notes, if you get my drift. I'm looping that now. ^_^

Fun if your bored.

The game has very nice levels, leveling up seems like a shame since it makes the game too easy. Levels like #3 should have been looked over and taken out of the game - the take way to much of your time and theres no real way to beat them faster. the game also seems repetitive but keeps up new functions with every new level almost. The ending is vague as you just complete the game and it's over. It keept me playing for all 5o levels so I suppose that's what really counts.

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3.87 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2012
9:28 AM EST
Skill - Collect